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Sunday 27 October 2013

EPIC! Battle Report - Horus Heresy Skirmish

A week or so ago I saw an ebay bargain to die for. A near complete set of 1st Edition Epic Space Marine for £28 Buy it Now! I couldn't believe it, more importantly I could justify getting it, not with a number of gaming purchases already made and a new tyre for the Micra due. But PeteB can see a bargain and snapped it up and he got even more than he bargained for with a bundle of extra miniatures - Orks, their battlewagons and the Space Marines that included bikes, Land Speeders, Terminators, Assault and Devastator units. I think he'd probably recoup a third of his outlay by selling the Orks but we'll see.

With a new game in hand we decided to have a knockaround, we'd spent 2 hours just gassing about the game and I showed off my old copy of Rogue Trader and we giggled. Anyway, we went simple, a Warlord and Warhound each [I swapped around the weapons so PeteB had the plasma and I had the las so we could experience the other side. 3 Barrels on each and Chainfists I also had a Multi-launcher and PeteB had and auto-cannon]. We also had 6 Land Raiders each, and two stand of Devastators, Tactical and Assault troops.

This is after turn 1 [although my Warhound needs to move]. I was trying to flank with my Land Raiders, it's worked on the left but the right is very exposed.

My assault marines jump behind the Warhound.

More of PeteB's infantry disembark and the Land Raiders position to shoot.

His Warhound goes to stomp on the Assault Squad, missing one.

But then as he passes he uses his head mounted Heavy Bolter and Plasma Gun to kill one the other.

Devastator and Tactical squads occupy the buildings.

I manage to blow the Auto cannon off his Warlord Titan with my own.

The building occupied by the Tactical squad takes two damage from my Land Raiders. 

The building PeteB's Warlord was taking cover from is destroyed leaving it exposed.

But his Titan manages to get a Plasma Cannon shot on the Warhound and two Land Raiders.

Leaving the Warhound to stand above the molten slag of the Raiders.

By this time it was getting late, I'm not sure who was winning and didn't really care to be honest. We'd had some real fun and it was a completely different tactical game. It eventually became apparent PeteB had missed the bit where I said all the weapons on the Titan had 3 barrels except the Plasma Cannon. He'd been firing only one shot whit his Heavy Plasma Gun. The Auto Cannon had gone quite early so it wasn't too bad but still, a fair few Land Raiders may have been destroyed other wise.

We're going to be playing this again next week but I'll be bringing my 2nd Edition rules and Expansion so we can take some more interesting models and see what does what.

Thursday 25 April 2013

Warhammer World Photobomb pt3. Adeptus Astartes

Last time I visited the Exhibition Hall I split up all the Space Marines pic sinto chapters, now I thought I'd dump them altogether. So here we have the Dark Vengeance figures.

Ultramarines, Marneus Calgar and his pimp-wagon.

That's that Salamander Captain that was wounded and crawling across the battlefield in a White Dwarf report Nids versus Marines and Legion of the Damned.

Dark Angels

Marble effect on a Dark Talon wing, because stone cladding is an absolute must for vehicles that need to fly, quality though!




Grey Knights

Sister Act

Sister Act 2, Back in the Habit

Chaos Marines.

Iron Warriors

1000 Sons

Friday 8 April 2011

More from my mate Liam - Flyers

My mate Liam, he of the scratch built Warhound and Warlord fame has kindly sent through a number of new photographs to share with you all. Here's 4 scratch built landspeeder hibreed (fully inclosed). Now I'm going to have a chat with him about if he has plans for these so we can all get our own pseudo-Ravenwings up and running on the cheap-cheap

Coming up next is his scratch built thunderbolt fighter

And lastly 3 scratch built lightnings

Hope you enjoy, I've got another beast of a shot of his Warlord and I'll ask him for some WiPs so you can see his moddeling mastery in all it's raw detail. Please leave any comments so I can pass on what you think. Stay frosty!

Monday 28 March 2011

ebay sales YOU won't regret!

This post is worthy of interrupting my every-other-day schedule You may recall I have mentioned my mate Liam, he of the scratch built Warhound and Warlord fame, a few times. His painting and modelling skills are awesome he admits he's a 40k geek, he scratchbuilt a Warlord for G.O.D.sake but he stops short of a blog so I asked him if he ever had anything he wanted to share on my blog he could.

So below I have some of his magnificently painted Adeptus Arbites and Ultramarine Rhinos but the killer thing is that they are all up on ebay NOW! Starting price 99p and decent postage rates.

Here's the Arbites with some gorgeous 'non-metallic metals, hurry I see these have already reached £6!

"We are the law!"

Here's the full set of four Rhinos being auctioned off individually:

And lot 104 is here:

Of course you don't have to buy you can just enjoy the fantastic quality which my friend is typically modest about and if you dig his work please leave a comment so I can share it with him. Just to whet your appetite for the future he had this to say:
"If you want more stuff I have WIP images of loads of stuff I've made
4 x Scratch built Landspeeder hibreed (fully inclosed)
Scratch built thunderbolt fighter
3 x Scratch built lightnings
Scratch built warhound
Scratch built warlord
2 x Scratch built from GW parts knights Paladin
2 x Scratch built caestus assault rams
Scratch built from GW parts An'ggrath"

So if you like he's stuff hopefully we'll get to see some more quality output. Oh and just a reminder of his scratchbuilt Warhound and Warlord...