Sunday 16 January 2011

'nids part 13. More Prime!

It's a good few weeks back now that this guy arrived in the post after I won him on ebay. £2.49 including postage, bargain! So you can guess he's going to form another Tyranid Prime. As you may recall [well you will if you click on the link] I had plenty of original Tyranid Warrior torsos, but a severe lack of legs. So anyway when I decided a second Prime with Deathspitter, bonesword and lashwhip would be more effective for my Son's weaponised Warriors I had to get another one. The bonus, well I can actually document the conversion process for you, something I could only describe previously.

I may even get some more and convert them up on ebay for sale, they're easy enough to do, although I did stab my thumb with the scalpel, it's not like I was even doing anyting daft, still we'll learn. Further pics to follow, of the Prime, not my bleeding thumb!


  1. That's still my favourite incarnation of the Tyranid warrior.

    Cut thumbs are a pain in more ways than one, in that they'll also hold us up while they heal if they're in a bad place. It's another thing that binds us all together - most of us must have cut our thumbs, a few times even.

  2. Go go turkey head!! I have one of these guys myself I plan on doing the same to - can't wait to see the conversion.