Thursday, 17 March 2016

40k Terrain Competition Update - The competition rules!

Just a little update to confirm the prize fund for the Imperial Knight Warden has been reached. Any further clicks will go to cover a second place prize of a £10 voucher.

In a bid to make things more official you should be able to see the Competition tab at the top of the page [or click that link]. Please leave a comment if you send an email entry, or if you have any questions. I've shared the competition on reddit and on Faeit but aside from Nick's 'Where's Weston' and his continued updates on an impressive piece of terrain, that may not be quite complete by the end of the month, I've had no actual entries. Which is fine, deadline is a fortnight away afterall, but it's be interesting to know if folk plan on having a go.

All the best and good luck!