Sunday, 22 November 2015

'nids part 180 - Stealing bases

As I keep finding myself painting bits of the Cerastus when I should be waiting to add the decals which then cover those bits I've gone slightly off pist. It's only slightly as my 30 Genestealers are on my To Do List. However, they are by no means a priority, but they are easing my hobby compulsion. As other projects stall and take steps back once again it is the familiar that can deliver that feeling of progress and if I manage these 30 Genestealer this year that's no mean feat in itself.

Really I just wanted to get the bases done. They'd already been shadow washed and all I was doing was dry/wet brushing them with Vermillion. I did all 30 bases and left them to dry. Even if thats the extent of my efforts it's one element of their completion done. I expect to finsih all the Red Planet Base up to the Bonewhite chips. Then if I consider further progress I'll probably chunk them into three groups of ten or even six groups of five. 30 is far too much for batch painting for me, not a problem just on the bases but the actual models are far too time consuming to commit to 30 in one sitting.

10 would be my limit and each colour application would be a nights work but I if I can get my head back into the Cerastus the units of five would be better as it would not represent the bulk of my nights efforts, that really should be on the priority - the knight

I painted some other bits as well, tidied up my force pylons but they're in another post.