Monday, 13 October 2014

What GW should do - Listen to me

In case you didn't know I've bought Citadel Miniatures and GW products since the late 80's. I also have a blog, it's quite cool you can view it here. Those two facts alone qualify me to make 'suggestions' to Games Workshop and their subsidiaries in how they can grow their company/improve their products. So, free of charge I will be sharing some of my sage business advice to them and just you wait as 'we're bound to see them take forward my ideas with gusto. I recently posted an article on GW rebranding it was one of a number of articles that I've started only to not do anything with and then GW only went and did something that failed to exhibit my Nostradamus levels of Prescience because I didn't end up posting the article. Only this time I bloomin' well did and then this happened:

And this:

And this:

It's a nice start, but I bet it's exactly the same inside, the logo is OK although I'd have tightened the kerning up a little bit especially between the A and the R as it currently a bit WA RHAMMER.

Faeit212 has the full story and BoLS also has a thread on it but clearly when it comes to having the finger on what GW should be doing it's the 40kaddict who has the inside scoop. Now apparently they've also got a new CEO... ;)