Sunday, 12 October 2014

Terrain is everything - Project Ω - Frost me I'm an idiot!

With the last of the nice weather I thought I'd intersperse DiY duties with coating my Realm of Battle boards with my brothers dodgy floor varnish. You'll see a couple of upcoming posts that revel in just how pleased I was with how this was going but be sure 'pride comes before a fall' and the Polyvine Dead Flat Floor Varnish did indeed behave in exactly the same way as it did when first we painted my brother's vivarium. At that time we thought it was due to the cold conditions but there was some warmth in the air today, personally I think its not a product to be used on rough surfaces.

Anyway, I'll not share the full extent of the damage just yet, but I felt I had to offload this so I can move forwards. I'm disappointed but more frustrated. I'm going to struggle as the weather turns to get out and repaint the boards in the same way I did them first time around. It's only a few hours work but it's fitting it in to daylight and weather conditions. I'm hoping to start again with the shadow wash and not need a full respray but we'll see where we're at afterwards, Hopefully I can mask off the skulls, they're not too bad considering.

Lesson of the day - do not use products you know are dodgy, unless you want to ruin all your hard work.

Meanwhile I can't bring myself to edit the upcoming posts so just read them and enjoy the pictures before it all gets mucked up!