Tuesday 29 October 2019

Dreadtober 2019 - Devil in the details

#Dreadtober update and time seems to be running out, but that's only because these first 2 pictures are from the 24th of Dreadtober. The truth is I'll most likely be on track to finish this, what with working on the details now. But trying to fit in the blog updates before the end of the month, now that's the difficult challenge.

As you can see I've started to pick out some pipework on the sarcophagus, shaded his power fist, added grey and a shadow wash to the Dark Angel Chapter moulding on is front and also added a company number on his shoulder

The other shoulder will have a Dark Angel decal, so I've glossed it, complete with these chunky brush strokes 😞 I'll do another coat and see if it smooths out. I mean I could have free-handed this but for some reason just felt that a decal was the right way to go, time will tell.

I had a few more details to pick out, [red pipes, lenses, Tyranid elements on the base, Dark Angel Relic trophies on the back, rivets etc.] highlight all the black areas and some other bits and then consider battle damage. Luckily I got some time at the weekend to paint during the day. It's a rare treat but I got to progress a lot of those details. So the initial 2 pics have suddenly got all these to show progress.

 It also helped I got the Chapter decal affixed so I could then go about shading highlight so it was less decal looking. And I started the base for my plasma glows. 

There's actually a fair bit more detail in the chapter badge than this picture conveys but it does appear to have the notorious decal 'halo' which is a little misleading as I actually painted an outline of Caliban Green to add some shading to it and depth. The Genestealer Node also got highlights, just the teeth to do now. 

I had a spare number 5 stencil knocking around from my Predator, that's also been cleaned up after stippling and highlighted. Hindsight a big red stripe down the centre would have looked better. Or the panel underneath made white, echoing the Predator... The interior of the sarcophagus had some orange added to echo the Drop Pods. Decisions I will dismiss for now, maybe consider them down the line as an update?

The Genestealer skull also got highlighted and his head crest Bahama blue, ready for turquoise next.

These later pics are from 27th Dreadtober. Still a number of things to do but it should be painted by the end of the month, meeting the deadline. Varnishing might be in November but I can live with that.  

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  1. Some great details coming alive...personally, I am all about the decals. Looks good!