Friday 25 October 2019

Armies on Parade 2019

#ArmiesonParade has been and gone now, but I'm still ferrying my Tyranids back home from my staging post at work. So, how was it for me? I have to admit despite not being able to be instore I loved seeing twitter and Facebook explode with boards on the Saturday and Sunday. So, much so that come MOnday Facebook was so convinced that my sudden spike in sharing folks content was unusual it actually locked me out of my account thinking it had been hacked by a bot! Anyway, the quality of hobby was excellent and I even saw someone post a Warhammer Underworlds tile with a few warbands on it as their entry - the exact example I hoped for. Sadly I saw one person report they were turned away because they hadn't arranged their space in advance, such a shame as it was a tiny display, featuring just the main characters from Blackstone Fortress, a shame but we did get to see it online.

Manchester Warhammer took pictures of their entries, sadly I have none, but coincidentally did not reveal who had won anything, just that the winner was to remain instore in the cabinet. So in effect I have managed to experience a non-competitive Armies on Parade. I've no idea who won [didn't have time to look in the cabinet] or who received any awards, I even forgot to ask for my pin-badge and just got the crusader card. The guys in the store were very appreciative of the display though so it was all worthwhile.

Hopefully my twitter and Facebook shares make up for the lack of pics here. I still love the event and will most likely Parade my Knights and hopefully some Forgebane AdMech next year. I was not without reward though, Element Games runs a weekly competition on twitter and Facebook to win a £10 voucher. I had already won earlier this year, sharing my Tyranid Hierophant, but sharing my AoP board secured me another. Now I've £20 worth of store credit and no idea what to get with it...


  1. I was enjoying your shares over the weekend, great work!

    1. Thanks Mike, I enjoyed seeing so much hobby in one go. I think they need to find a way to take more ownership of it next year. That deluge of hobby and then finding a way to store or reference that on the official website like they crowd source the community for pics to go on their respective store pages, it seems a no-brainer to me.

  2. It was a great Parade Day this year at Warhammer Manchester. I think there was 11 entries in the end. Your Tyranids look really lovely in the flesh!

    It was a Gloomspite Gitz army that won gold overall, Best Painted, Best Monsters and Machines, and Best Scenic Board for AoS.

    Silver overall went to this “Tor Megido” board, a collection of John Blanche inspired steampunky conversions. That one also got Best Painted and Best Monsters and Machines for 40k.

    Bronze went to a Word Bearers army as well as Best Scenic for 40k.

    Best Theme for AoS went to a band of converted Halflings. Best Theme for 40k was for a heavily converted Snakebite Orks army using lots of Ironjawz.

    1. Thanks for the information, I think I'd seen the Halflings leading up to Parade day on twitter - such a labor of love, well deserved.

      I managed to get some pics of the Gloomspite Gitz in the cabinet after the event - they were displayed to celebrate, not sure if I've shared them on the blog but they looked very cool.

      Not sure what I'll do next year, I think it'll be my Imperial Knights as I've a household now. I really need to add in the few Ad Mech Rangers I have too but even with 10 months to go I can't foresee how I will find the time to paint them - too many other projects to do! :)