Tuesday 29 October 2019

Inside number nine

It's my #blogaversary and somehow I've been blogging for 9 years! I wondered last year if I could even take a break? Careful what you wish for...

Given the family situation that transpired at my last blogaversary and all the IT obstacles that have been put in my way blogging is now finely balanced between the effort to keep it going and the need to share my efforts. That's not to say I don't appreciate all those who keep coming back and find value in my postings, as well as the support I've felt for during this difficult period. I am forever grateful for all of the comments and support.

But I know I haven't been able to keep up with the blog how I would like and that has also meant I have failed to contribute quite as much as I'd like to the hobby blogging community - I read less blogs and haven't been able to support them with my own feedback as much as I receive. In some respects I've been seduced by twitter - spending more time on there because of the bite-size chunks. And I have been able to respond to comments a little more here, compared to previously. As the IT policy on the images has tightened the actual blog and comments have relaxed and with G+ dead it's now straightforward to see all the latest comments chronologically in the dashboard and which ones I need to respond to [or delete of they're spam].

Rest assured I've no intention of stopping any time soon. I may well have had a lot of challenges to test my love of blogging recently, and I'm fine with a platonic 'friends with benefits'. 😂 But at the moment I think I'm enjoying it again; and if you hadn't noticed there is evidence that blogger has some new functions in the dashboard, so maybe google is investing a bit of effort in it? A different way to view your stats isn't ground breaking but maybe it heralds more for the future...

Here's to another 12 months, 9 years though ... how did that happen?!


  1. Glad your enjoying blogging again, hopefully it gets a little easier at work for you to continue. As for the new stats page, er, yeah, hopefully it does signal some extra investment in blogger.

    1. Yeah, the wi-fi dongle we were supposed to switch off, I've just not bothered! So, until they tell me again I'm carrying on.

      Comments section has been overhauled too. I had noticed when returning to blogger comments it only showed you the last 1000 comments and I'd celebrated a much bigger milestone than that. Now the dashboard shows all of them and sub-divides any that are marked as spam and you can block delete the lot of them!

      I did just hold out hope it had somehow restored the G+ comments but checked back and there is a gap between January 2017 and February 2019, which is actually annoying as I didn't really think I was on G+ for more than 10 months!

  2. Blogging is like anything hobby related Greg, you should never be doing it unless its what you want to do, I for one enjoy all you post & am always thankful to you & other follow bloggers for taking the time to post when they can :)

    1. I totally agree, except for the fact this is, and always will be, an addiction for me. Whether I want to blog or not there is compulsion to do so and when I don't there are withdrawal symptoms [in one form or another].

      I know that sounds a little disturbing, and any form of addiction isn't really healthy, but there are much worse things to be addicted to I suppose. But I've always had these obsessions, when something pricks my interest or I become invested in a new thing it becomes all-encompassing.

      Balancing those tendencies is the real challenge but I thing I'm doing a good job of that at the moment. With Dreadtober out of the way I may have a bit of a relax, although I actually have a Blood Bowl game coming up so my painting my Middenheim Marauders would be handy...