Tuesday 31 October 2017

The Army Painter Quickshades

I've professed my love for Army painter Quickshade, I just want to illustrate this with the above picture. Some of those bottles are 'used' but it does not change the fact I get through a lof this stuff, and then end up with a FREE dropper bottle - how cool is that? I've still to go beyond Anti-shine varnish, Soft, Strong and Dark Tones but I wouldn;t hesitate should the need arise.

If you're still not convinced, but the great Ron From the Warp had this to say: http://fromthewarp.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/devlan-mud-and-badab-black-wash.html

Just in case this feels like an advert and you might think they've approached me to do this, they haven't. The only personal interest in this for me is I mentioned on their Facebook page would they consider doing bigger bottles, which they suggested they might consider it. Maybe if enough folk make the switch and pressure them, we can buy gallons of the stuff...

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