Wednesday 18 October 2017

Dreadtober 2017 - Genestealer Cult Sentinels - Moar grunge

So the decision was made and I sadistically chose the finest number out of them all. I spent a significant amount of time cutting it out as a stencil and then the Martian Ironearth texture rendered it almost useless.

What I could see of the black that was stippled through was sufficient enough for me to free-hand the rest of the number. The results are pretty good, all of the alternatives would have been just as effective and there are possibly different layouts I could have tried but this delivers everything I expected so I need to crack on. But for a nights work - red stripe, two numbers and a black wash...

This is two nights on and I'm a little annoyed with myself for missing the intervening WiP. The main issue is the night before I'd applied Typhus Corrosion and Strong Shade and at that stage I could visualise that the addition of Ryza Rust might be a step too far.

Unfortunately I didn't record that step, but having added the Ryza Rust I knew I had to tone it down somehow which is why you can see the wet reflection off a further sepia wash that has helped blend the dry weathering with the existing grunge.

The exhausts stacks definitely look better rusted but still need toning down. I'll be adding some more Typhus and washes but I'm reaching a point where I might be adding stuff for the sake of it. If the Rust felt like a mistake I need to consider quitting while ahead.

There are still bits to do on the base and the Flamer and chainsaw need a bit of work.

The Pilots have also been painted and their cockpits need some of the lights and dials picking out but I can't see this more than a few more nights work.

If that's the case then I'll get them and the Deathwatch all varnished up and everything will be good for AoP. I must admit I never expected these to go so smoothly. I love the model I love how easy they are to paint. I could definitely see me wanting more, but must resist the temptation, although I'd love to do one considerably more grunged and rusted up...

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