Monday 23 October 2017

Armies on Parade begins today... or not!

I've a future post to go up for Armies on Parade but for those who play Age of Sigmar AoP begins this week for them. Interestingly this was posted up from GW Hull and shows what's on offer for participants and winners.

All participants get the small silver pin-badge and presumably the card, winners get the gold badge. For those who will be wanting to win I'm not entirely sure whether that will feel a little underwhelming compared with this beauty:

This was last years participants badge:]

However, the awards are far less of a concern compared to the latest information I've got through that my local GW isn't following the 2017 week display and is reverting to the traditional Saturday only Parade. I had hoped this year with the various categories there would have been some formal criteria and opportunity to showcase for the entire week. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. I think they have another new manager just started which might explain what's going but it's a little disappointing as I'd really warmed to the idea of a week long Parade.


I've just been to the Manchester store to see if any Sigmar boards had been set up, and it turns out that I somehow misinterpreted how Armies on Parade 2017 was supposed to run. Somewhere along the line I thought it was a 'Parade week' and you could 'show off your army in-store over the Parade Week'. Turns out it's a week the stores get to advise people they can bring their stuff in for the Parade on the Saturday - essentially the same as last year, just with lattitude for some of the stores to choose to have the Parade on a different day.

Can't imagine how I got this one so wrong, anyone else think the same or am I just the biggest idiot in the galaxy?

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