Monday 9 October 2017

Dreadtober 2017 - Genestealer Cult Sentinels

I must confess [because it's the name of the blog] I was starting to get a little antsy that these guys had remained without progress. I'd asked on the Facebook group whether it was daft to have saved so much on ebay with the two sentinels only to buy three bases for £8, near enough wiping out the savings and Marcelis pointed out 'a saving is still a saving'. So I ordered the three Battlefield Debris 60mm bases from They still appear to be the best value resin bases online. The range hasn;t grown but what they have are great quality, great designs and most of the lines are comprehensive in whichever size you need. It was about five working days delivery, but it's sent second class post which is FREE, so can't complain. I really didn't imagine using the big cog base on the right but it worked so well with the pose I had to use it. You can also see I removed the cab framework. The top of the framework was missing and I'd seen plenty of examples go down this route, it seemed the quickest solution that try and source a replacement.

You will also note that after the Red Oxide primer I've used some extra products. I have some Valejo Red Oxid [sic] paste, if you're after texture paint and need a decent quantity you can't go wrong with this. I used it to fill in some of the flat areas around where I'd sanded the base to attach the feet. I also thinned it down to add rust texture on the body. I then added Martian Ironearth in places because these are going to be all kinds of battered.

This is the plan - I'm going for a very battered yellow, which I appreciates fits very differently with colours of the rest of the Free Radical Collective but these are all construction vehicles and just because you're driving around in a CAT or JCB doesn't mean your work clothes are bright yellow.
Bottom line I want to do yellow vehicles, I may live to regret the decision and the Red Oxide looks cool so far it seems odd to make it yellow but I will push on regardless.

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