Monday 2 October 2017

Deathwatch - "Woah, we're half way there"

These guys are essentially complete at this stage. Ordinarily I'd have saved the pictures for their 'To Done' shoot but I had to take pictures for a 2 month painting challenge on the Tyranid Hive forum and as I'm short of content I may as well share. I didn't quite get the full squad done but my revised estimate of half was exceed by one thanks to completing the Blood Angel - Antor Delassio.

I'm really excited with these now, I actually can't wait to play Deathwatch Overkill once the entire Kill Team is complete.

So despite my patience beginning to run out I'm really chuffed. They all still need varnishing and some effects with Tamiya Clear etc. Otherwise, V. pleased.

The remaining Deathwatch have had some highlights done so there's just some individual details to overcome - colours to represent Force Weapons and psychic powers being a particular quandry, not to mention Jetek Suberei... They should all be done this week and I can then focus on the Sentinels, three weeks to AoP...

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