Monday 31 October 2016

'nids part 205 - Acid spray and weapon options

A bit of a push and I'm done, except for varnishing. I did the claw highlights, fleshy bits and veins all in the same sitting.

I also did the Crushing Claws too. Prior to painting I decided to drill out the Acid Spray fo if I decided to make the spray. Typically that chipped some of the Chitin highlights and fleshy bits inside the gun which required fixing.

I've looked at it alongside the Tervigon/Tyrannofex and although the pink highlights aren't a perfect match for what is already on the model I'm pretty sure the difference is negligible and because the fleshy bits are 'framed' by the arms that does help demarcate them so direct comparissons aren't as obvious.

Even where the feeder pipes sit on top of the belly it's not noticable as the weapon casts a shadow on all the exisiting highlights so all the colours are altered anyway. I'll be having a little photoshoot when it's all varnished but clearly the big quesiton is what's next...? Well you'll just have to wait a little while to find out ;)


  1. Looks pretty cool to me Dave! There can't be much I'd stuff left you haven't painted can there?

    1. Did you mean nid stuff? Actually I've a fair few bits and pieces knocking around. Some Shrikes, 5 or 6 Warriors, a load of Genestealers (again), some Rippers, 4 Lictors and another Trygon (don't ask). Not to mention my Genestealer Cult...

  2. I love that color combo - your 'Nids are always a joy to see. Keep up the great work!