Tuesday 4 October 2016

Genestealer Cults and what they mean to me.

Given the recent rumours, hype and reveal for the Genestealer Cult you may be forgiven for wondering why I've not been all over it like a rash. I have in fact been avidly following it and the end result looks to currently be best described as a 'triumph' on behalf of GW. All the information seems to point to a fluffy [plays like it sounds] army filled with all sorts of new units and old favourites. Couple that with some great figures but more importantly [and commercially a genius move] have ensured they can align with Imperial Guard. Suddenly GW has a whole new market to sell decade old Leman Russ, Chimeras, Sentinels and Cadian models to! What a way to inject even more return on these products, throw in a cult icon upgrade sprue - it's genius.

But it doesn't end there becuase you don't just have to go with Cadians for your Acolytes [or Neophytes I'm not sure which], you could use Catachans or even Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii! I mean it'll cost you more but your Cult will be blinged up and interesting. If money's an issue then just go with the push fit Dark Vengeance cultists as above, they're dirt cheap all over the interweb. I'm certainly in a position now that makes life a little more difficult regarding how I'll proceed. Never before have I contemplated any Imperial Guard purchases, now I need to see how to fit them in!

Of course I'm lucky in that I have two set of Deathwatch Overkill to bulk out the core of the army but even so it seems like a drop in the ocean. Luckily large broods of Purestrains are available [not just the Princelings] and their rules make them positively viable if not potentially obscene! Thank goodness I did those new stealers, although I think the Space Hulk ones will definitely represent 'Purestrains' the most. I'm definitely looking at what I can add though and ebay is definitely a treasure trove for cheap Sentinels and Leman Russ so it looks to be relatively cheap to add extra units to it.

What I need to do is balance that with future wishlisting for the Dark Angels. There are quite a few things I want to get to make them more viable and interesting to play but the Genestealers really start to spread my funds quite thin and because it appears Sentinels and Leman Russ look so cheap on ebay it makes financial sense to go down that route.

Bottom line I'll be investigating what I can bring with what I already have, how many points of models and what part of Overkill is essential to make some of the formations. I'll continue to focus on the models I have, that already need painting and are on my To Do List, which should keep me busy enough and hopefully lead me away from temptation, or should that be 'ascension'? Other than that, very excited and intrigued just trying to temper my urges :)


  1. I'm really happy with the new codex. Not crazily overpowered, but has the potential to be really strong with the special rules and buffs to units.

  2. A great army with fab models that I could field tomorrow Dave between my SH DW & IG stuff, but until GW move on to 8th ed it's not going to happen for me sadly.

  3. I'm looking forward to using the IG models I have already, never was going to paint a huge IG army, so Genestealers from my several copies of Space Hulk and Hybrids from Space Hulf Genestealer expansion... Combined with some upgrade sprues I get a cheap army too!

  4. Man... I want to see what you do with your cult so bad... ><

  5. My all-time most popular GW illo was this Genestealer Patriarch! About time they brought him back!!

    1. I've seen a couple of folk kitbash the new patriarch into sitting on a throne, its such an enduring image Tony that even with this Creature leaping off a pipe stack folk think he's better whispering commands to his minions from his throne. Thanks for sharing it again Tony, well worth keeping hold of that one, it's a classic. :)

  6. Really encouraged by the new codex - it seems to have its power levels just right, while still being fluffy in the way it interacts. Having seen the fix for genestealers, I think we'll all be dusting off our swarms for a try out :)