Sunday, 9 October 2016


Welcome Generalissimo Forde, the 300th follower of the blog. As arbitrary milestones go this one in particular is less than arbitrary it's a true measure of the blog to have 300 followers. I think blogs in general are less popular than they used to be, vlogging seems to be taking over so to continue having people just to sign up to read the blog, well it's an honour. Given you can also follow the blog on Facebook without following on google or just come without subscription the 300 bold hobbyists who are prepared to stand with me in the shadow of the Hot Gates as we face the oncoming horde of hobby apathy and inertia.

For every one who has followed I thank you. For those who followed and then unfollowed thanks too and lastly those that just stop by without pledging their allegiance you're still very much welcome :)