Monday 24 October 2016

'nids part 203 - Acid spray and weapon options

Progress is relaxed at the moment, just some washes on the Acid Spray. The unfortunate byproduct of taking it slowly is there's not much to share with you guys, sorry.

Ironically I'll do what I feel is sufficient for the evening and sitll stay up till past 12! I am however taking more nights off, so I'm going to bed a little earlier on those occassions. I've had some pretty cool dreams in the process. My dreams are usually very vivid and imaginative and I often become lucid enough to affect them, unfortunately my usual five hours of sleep doesn't always allow me to get into that dream state like I used to have, still we're having some good 'uns now. Anyway this was the beginning of one evening.

And then I was able to apply the first set of Bonewhite highlights. This brings it up to the same point as the Carnifex Crushing Claws. Interestingly for those that paint there's a lot of what I do that's not thinned! I know that's heresy but I mix between thinned and unthinned paint depending on the element I'm painting and how the paint is applied.

The same definitely goes to Turquoise chitin that will going on soon. Still thinned paint is used in places but for the most part it's just not neccessary on my nids.

I actually tried this in position on the Tervigon/Tyrannofex before the highlights and it looked pretty OK, so I can't wait for it to be complete.

Next set of bone highlights on both this and the Crushing Claws...


  1. I'm with you Dave, most of what I paint with isn't really thinned at all, I generally limit thinning to things like white that need to look really smooth, even then I'm thinning from the ceramite White base paint, which is pretty thick to start with.

    It's looking good!

    1. Glad I'm not the only heretic ;) Honestly if I blended everything I'd never finish anything. It's bad enough with the Dark Angels if I'd have done the nids I'd never have got round to the marines. I'm sure one day I'll deviate from this style of painting, perhaps learn some new skills but it does the job and I'm happy with the result :)