Monday, 17 March 2014

Throne of Skulls 2014 army list help

Tomorrow I will finish my army list, unlike my hobby buddies I will not be spending months doing mine I've a template that looks cool and every one of my opponents gets one with a sheet with the Hive Fleet Gorgon  Ferron Splinter Fleet back story. I can't imagine Liam making 6 copies of his Chaos Space Marine head army list! Anyway, I got approval from the Events Team today to use all my models but I now have to make that last decision.

The two main choices I need help with is this list which is slightly varied, a Zoanthrope, Biovore [the spore mines], Trygon and two Tervigons [one as troop, the other a HQ with Regeneration (which worked out well last game)]...

...or slightly less versatile three Tervigons, two of which are troops.

Option 1. has some long range fire power with the Biovore. Assault damage from the Trygon [he got me a VP on a Lord of War, but died immediately afterwards] and the opportunity to Warp Blast from the Zoanthrope

Option 2. still has the same amount of Synapse and Psykers but I get the extra durability of the second troop Tervigon [not to mention the 2 broods of 30 Termagants] spawning will be limited in places, I just don't have enough gaunts but I'm hoping that enough will die for me to respawn them.

Ultimately Option 1. is probably more fun for people to play against, Option 2. fits my 'fluff' in that they are defending the Hive Nest - the Bastion, Skyshield etc.but it's 3 Tervigons! Will I be 'that guy' if I run it? I may survive to the end of the game - when you go Stronghold Assault it's endurance not attack you're planning for but spending most of the game hiding... but, it's the first time I've been able to run three.

I may get a chance to try this out tomorrow night on Ben but any opinions on these two options would be greatly appreciated.