Tuesday 4 March 2014

Flufftastic - Hive Fleet Gorgon - Ferron Splinter Fleet - 'Proto-Tervigon'

In the early days of Hive Fleet Gorgon arriving on Ferron Proxima there was some confusion surrounding some of the larger bio-forms that had descended with the splinter fleet. Various xeno-biologists and bio-magi believed the larger creatures belonged to the Carnifex family yet some of the more outlandish claims were that these were a 'missing link' an evolved 'proto-Tervigon' that had the ability to spawn the Termagant beasts.

In time these wild claims were borne out. It transpired that Gorgon was once again adapting to it's surroundings, utilising the Carnifex as a chasis for what would later evolve into the Tervigon. It was supposed that in a previous encounter the Hive Fleet had an abundance of these bio-forms and had added bio-matter and symbiotic incubation sacs to upgrade them into Tervigons until it could find the requisite abundance of biofuel to create the Tervigons from scratch.

Despite the different scales between the two beasts there are now clear evolutionary steps evident between the Carnifex - proto-Tervigon - Tervigon and despite the intial confusion it is now clear to see that these beasts are related.

Regardless, these proto-tervigons continue to be seen roaming Ferron Proxima and in slightly different evolved forms across the Imperium. Whilst the bio-magi squabbled and awaited a clear evolutionary apex progenitor these proto-Tervigons turned up on world after world. Now that the Tervigon has been classified and catalogued in the Tyranid genepool the proto-Tervigons cannot be dismissed and nor should they be as they continue to fulfil a specific role in the Hive.

Latest reports suggest that on Ferron Proxima at least there have been less sightings of the Proto-Tervigon. In fact data simulations predict only pure strain Tervigon's will be present in the splinter fleet withing the next few months. The speculation is that once again Gorgon is adapting to it's surroundings. It is believed that the Carnifex 'chassis' upon which the Tervigon is based may yet prove more effective within the xeno-forming porcess. The Carnifex have shown to be effective in a numbe rof small skirmishes and they require less biomatter to gestate and therefore planetary defence alerts are advising to be vigilant against the abomination. Whether this means the Proto-Tervigons habe been reclaimed in a Tyranid Digestion pit to be respawned as Carnifex is yet to be seen, but maybe that was the plan all along - to be adaptable in the face of opposition. Once again to assume such blasphemous notions of intelligent thought by this Xenos filth is open to censure and 12 lashes by the Mobile Inquisitorial Arco-Flagellant Wains [please seek their 'blessing' at the next available opportunity].

To discover more about the proto-Tervigon please point your cogitators to Imperium data file #61Z-5L#proto-tervigon#


  1. Love the model, love the backstory! :)

  2. That baby termagant is frighteningly realistic!

    1. It's funny because when I first showcased this on BoLS years ago, admittedly before I added the 'blood' it was criticised for such a 'rigid' pose. I do feel it looks like it's just been spawned, it's all weak and feeble and it's just been pooped out, glad someone can see the same thing and all those 'All Creatures Great and Small' episodes amounted something realistic!

  3. lol @ All Creatures Great and Small. BOLS is full of haters. It looks like a baby calf just plopped out to me. I love a touch of visceral horror on a model.