Thursday 6 March 2014

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How do I get to blogging for so long without ever coming across this website. Germy has been creating free terrain tmeplates for years and I was completely oblivious. His awesome buildings for 40k are all FREE to download, which I obviously love and the sheer amount of them makes my own efforts pale into comparrison. With so many building I'm even questioning if I need to do anymore, although they mostly seem to be sci-fi/frontier, original Rogue Trader stylee, not the Grim Dark Gothic, so there's still a reason. What's more is they all seem to be pre-textured and look to be simple to construct, truly 'Print & Play'

There are even  6mm buildings for Adeptus Titanics/Epic Armageddon

Additionally there are some great tutorials:, not least this simple tutorial to make fences:

Apologies if some of these picture links don't work, they look a bit dodgy here, but that should be reason enough to check out Germy's website, it's pure gold and all for free, check it out NOW!

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