Sunday 11 August 2013

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I only got one response to my call to support other blogs starting out but I did notice MasterCrafts comments on the STC page and hopped on over to to see what he'd done with them. Lets just say he was extremely inventive with what is quite a basic template. Just adding a raised dais and patterned floor has made this STC something else. If you want to see more pictures go here:

He's also had a go at some of the other templates and once again he's done something different, taking this tower and adding some battle damage

Of additional note is the gaming table construction. I wanted to do something on modular tables for a while but never got the post written, shame as there was a Kickstarter for one table that would have interested folk. Anyway, warpminds table is the everything but the board, which although it's not modular seems pretty straightforward to build and is actually quite nice to look at, should you have enough room and brownie points to have your gaming table setup permanently.

Anyway, check out the blog, once again it's updates are few but of decent quality so you won't be constantly spammed with content [like what I do] but what updates do turn up will be well worth your following.

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