Thursday 29 August 2013

MOAR from my mate Liam - Nurgle Heldrake / Helfly, Fly 2 and Land Raider

Liam sent me more pics of his Nurgle Heldrake - the Helfly as he's calling it. This is the first one all painted up, as seen in our little Throne of Skulls mini-tournament

A thing of unnatural beauty.

And here's the Helfly 2, 'Like father, like son'. Slightly different this one but no less worrying as it buzzes the battlefield. I'm hoping that my Dark Angels might be able to employ a Spotlight which would force it to repeatedly headbutt whatever vehicle it's mounted on until it's knocked senseless - that should be a new rules errata!

Here's the step-by-step process for those interested.

You can begin to see the components and where Liam has kitbashed bits and scratchbuilt others.

Plasticard edging and 'greystuff' sculpting for added 'chaos'.

That's a big ammo-feed belt.

Undercoats ready to be painted as it's daddy.

Side view.

Lastly here's the Nurgle Land Raider, the current kit remodeleld to look like a Proteus, I think Liam sculpted and cast his own tracks for this.

Adding Nurgelesque fleshy growth and fibres here and there to tie it in with the Obliterators.

Lets hope that Spotlight doesn't attract the Helfies, could be an interesting 'own goal' if GW were to follow up my rules errata.

And the other side.

No doubt Liam or one of my other buds will have some more of their efforts to share in the futures but any questions, comments or praise just leave them below.


  1. Super bug is absolutely fantastic!

  2. The LR is really stunning work, from looking it over, it doesn't look like it's a MK I model, I'm guessing he heavily modified the current lr kit? Its quite good, as the tracks look natural and the front assault door looks rather like the assault-doorless MK I version.

    1. Yep, its the current plastic Land Raider kitbashed to look like the Mk 1 Proteus version.

    2. Thanks for your comments :) I also used the top hull from the vindicator and part of the front from the original land raider kit, I also used both the new lascannon and the original lascannon and made a hybrid, I plan to make another but the more heavily armoured one next

    3. I should also mention that the power cable and the giant ammo feed are compliments from our friends at Zinge Industries

      And thanks to Dave for show casing my stuff again, more shots of the new Hellfly on the way to you bud :)

  3. Amazing work on both models, Dave! I really like how the main gun on your bug is set up like on an A-10.

    I'm working on a Helbug, too.

    It's taking me forever even though I took the shortcut of using an educational model as the base to build on.

    1. Obviously I can't take credit for this, it's all Liam's work I just showcase his crazy kitbashes because he spends his time actually doing them while I'm blogging about it!

      I like your bug, the Dremel work on the wing covers is inspired and it's great to see what the start model was like and how it's meta-morphed into something all your own. As long as these projects take, since my return to the hobby, I've noticed the majority eventually get done and you can look at the finished product and the bloodsweatsaliva spent getting it there and feel a huge sense of achievement, then you move onto the next thing. Having the blog is a great record of the progress achieved and with the support and comments from yourself and all the other followers it makes every task that little bit easier to do and keep on doing.

    2. Well then, great work, Liam! Yes, the blog actually forces me to work on things. Keeps me motivated. I've only let one project fall by the wayside, so far, and that was because it basically destroyed itself as it dried. Don't use thick latex house paint on thin foam board for basing Styrofoam ruins! Everything will bend toward the latex and it'll be all jacked up in about a week.

    3. Thanks GSI, by the way I'm loving the use if your tentacle maker on your possessed vindicator, I've got to get one of them, I could of used it on my mini brass scorpion defiler :)

  4. Your buddy has some serious chops, man. What an incredible model! If I get the time while I am in the field, and if Liam doesn't mind, I would like to feature his work on DFG. Let me know what you all think.