Saturday 3 August 2013

Battle Brothers Game 3 - Tyranids Vs Space Wolves/Blood Angels

Our last game and when we arrived at the table a bunch of Space Wolves greeted us, only to be whipped off to another table then our opponents turned up with Space Wolves! Richard and Jeremy from 'Team B' were up and I hope they won't mind me saying but they were probably the least like 'gamers' you've ever come across. These two guys were just out to have fun, it's like they'd come out of the pub one day seen some figures and gone 'yeah I'll have a go of that' and turned up at Warhammer World for a 'kick about'. They were absolute stars and total Tyranid virgins mooh-ha-ha! We gave them a run-down of our list beforehand, explained all the horrible nasties so there were no surprises.

Psychic Powers
Winged Tyrant HQTervigon CC HQTervigon Plain TrTervigon Adrenal Tr
EnduranceEnduranceWarp SpeedEndurance
Warp SpeedLife LeechLife LeechSmite

Doom of Malan'tai
Psychic Shriek

The low down:
  • The Scouring [we had 4,1,3 and they had 3,2,2 and 8-7 split, fair enough].
  • Hammer and Anvil
  • We won deployment and went first.
  • Warlord Trait - Princeps of Deceit - Move one unit 3D6" or 3 units 1D6" each after deployment.
We settled into our deployment with Tervigons taking the centre, using the ruins as cover with the Hive tyrant behind the Bastion which was manned by my disposable gaunts again.

Team B had their Wolves champing at the bit. As Fast Attack they would normally be scoring but their rules state they may never be scoring, although they would make a tasty VP for us if we could tame them. Their Objectives are behind the Rhino on the left, in the middle and the last one next to the Quad Gun with some scouts and either Grey Hunters or Long Fangs.

We redployed the Hive Tyrant about 11 or 12 inches towards the middle of the board, from behind the Bastion. Then in turn 1 he swooped into the cover of the building. My vanilla Tervigon spawned 6 to hold the 3pt objective behind the Bastion and headed up past the ruins with the Devgaunts. The other two Tervigons headed for the centre, Dan spawned 11 into the ruins.

The HQ Tervigon spawned 8 which managed to reach the 4 pt objective. The Trygon moved into cover with the Hive Tyrant.

The Tyrant open fired on the Fenrisian Wolves only to find out they were in fact Fenrisian Scaredy Cats.

Having killed 8 they bolted and ran 13" [3D6 for beasts] off the board taking their Wolf Lord with them! Oh dear. We felt really bad about that, over 300pts of figure but more importantly First Blood, Slay the Warlord and a Fast Attack VP giving us 3VPs in one turn and we'd been miffed when our Tervigon had died in game 2. To their absolute credit Jeremy and Richard laughed it off so much I couldn't believe it - top sportsmen. 

So their turn 1 and they pick themselves up and in comes a drop pod with a Rune Priest.

Hilariously the Rhino immobilises itself in the crater so the Wolves have to get out and walk, this was just getting funnier... 

and then not so funny for us. Yep that's Jaws of the World Wolf going though Termagants, Trygon, 2 Tervigons and the Hive Guard. He passes his Psychic test on 3D6 due to Shadows of the Warp.

We fail pretty much every Deny the Witch [FYI that doesn't deny the power completely it just means th eunit that tests is unaffected but every unit that fails still has to take the Initiative test, we had to look it up]. A Termagant dies, the Trygon dances out of the way and the Tervigon HQ gets sucked into the chasm taking his 6 wounds with him! 

And Dan's Tervigon follows him too. 450pts in one shot, failing all Deny the Witch and Initiative test and losing Slay the Warlord too, now that's what you would call a counter attack!

To add insult to injury the Termagants are thinned down to one remaining gaunt by the Wolves and the psychic backlash from the loss of it's progenitor.

Fine, I'll see your Jaws and raise you a DOOM! Bang in the middle of both squads.

And the rhino squad lose 5 to the Doom and then the remaining are killed by the Spore Pod and possibly Psychic Scream from the Doom taking him up to 10 wounds.

The Hive Tyrant jumps over the crater to come at the Wolves from one angle while the Trygon comes at them from the other - intent on squishing the lot between them The lone gaunt takes cover in the ruins hoping for the mayhem to cease so it can return to the objective, even if it has been sabotaged to explode.

The Rune Priest refused the challenge from the Tyrant and as he ran off behind the drop pod he could only hear the dying screams of his comrades as they were eaten to a man by the pair of Monstrous Creatures.

Here's where I found out there were Blood Angels in the mix as Mephiston gets into assault with my Tervigon. He tries to activate his force weapon and fails and perils on his psychic power but we remain locked in combat , him on 2 wounds and the Tervigon on 3.

Turn 3 and the Tervigon projectile spawns 11 new gaunts. Which manage to join up with the Tyrant who had pounced on the Rune Priest who'd found his spine and tried to pull of Jaws again but we'd evaded it or he'd failed his Ld test. The Doom heads for Linebreaker. 

The Trygon managed to smash through the ruins to support my Tervigon against Mephiston.

My Gaunts on the right had failed their Instinctive Behaviour test every turn since they'd lost synapse but luckily they just wouldn't run more than 2" towards the woods. While every other Termagants within Synapse tried to secure an objective.

The angry Doom smashed the Rhino like it was tin but took a wound from some Space Wolf shooting.

The Rune Priest finally met his deserved fate.

The Gaunts consolidated around the objective.

Mephiston turned his attention on the Trygon and tore it apart. But being occupied the Tervigon manages to put a couple more wounds on him taking him to 4.

Team Bs turn and he returns to the Tervigon and tries to cast something but 

I don't think that dice roll helped, I think it's the two 6s and 3 and he perils off the board.

Tervigon consolidates back to the objective. 

I'm thinking that's a couple of gaunt saving throws.

Then the objective explodes and the Gaunts go to ground as they're out of synapse and they save everything thanks to the cover. Meanwhile the Doom finally gets popped being instakilled by las-cannon fire.

The Hive tyrant is heading for the Aegis  and I've a unit of 4 Gaunts and that 1 lone Gaunt holding the 2 point objective. At this point Dan is completely aware that the more VPs we get compared to our opponent the greater the difference and the higher we'll place in the rankings. I'm thinking it's the same scoring system as Throne of Skulls but Dan knows what's going on and is going for the jugular.

The Termagants surround the objective.

The Hive Guard destroy the drop pod.

The lone gaunt goes off on a mission, making it's move and 6" run to reach the 3 pt objective and secure linebreaker - what a little trooper

Hive Tyrant Swoops the Defence Line and Vector Strikes the two las-cannons killing them

He finally takes a wound but he never once crashed into the ground, either saving or evading all incoming fire, he was awesome

And that's how it ended with 17VPs in total for Team Warpshadow and although Team B secured only 3VPs I think they did a sterling effort killing off quite so many of our big beast and scary characters, we just had enough strength in depth and luck to get to each and every objective other than the 2 pt one. We could have gone for an extra turn and tabled them but Jeremy and Richard were such great sports we called it.

What can I say, by the end we were working seamlessly and despite our failure were also able to dish out the successes too. It really felt like we were using proper tactics and executing them with decisive strikes. Great fun, great games, great opponents and a great Battle Brother! I can't thank Dan enough for asking for a partner and despite the unknown I ended up having one of the best days gaming I've ever had.

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