Sunday 25 August 2013

Armies on Parade board - The beginnings of Ferron Proxima

About half an hour in at this stage. The hill shape is nearly exactly the same as given to me by my brother, just sanded and cut square at the back. I did have a nice offcut that could have fit in the bottom rightt corner making a channel for the gaunts to run out of but it would have made the panel less versatile to do so. The foam was stuck to the MDF using 'coving adhesive'. It's specifically formulated for sticking polystyrene coving to your ceiling so thought it would be good. Instant grab and constant pressure made it work perfectly and any gaps - it works as a filler too!

Now for the painting/surfacing - PVA glue, plaster, Vermillion and Burnt Umber craft acrylic and two colourrs of scatter [aka fine sawdust]

And here it is all mixed up. Amazingly just enough to cover the full 2'x2' board. Not sure the volume used but that is a 2l lemonade bottle and you can still see the blow-molded bumps on the base so I guess you could easily run some water in the bottom of one to roughly the same depth and then measure it and multiply by 6 to cover a full 6'x4' board

And another half hour in and we have this.

A lot of detail, surprisingly, from the scatter!

I left it outside to dry, it was a warm and blowy day so thought I'd get better pics in daylight to accurately get the colour... probably not.

Just out of shot on the right of the hill I left it quite a vertical edge as I intended to add some stones and gravel here for a bit of variety.

An hour down so far.

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