Monday 19 August 2013

'nids part 99 - Plasma Hatchers Mycetic Spore pt2.

On with the Spore Pods - red oxide primer once again. However, these Plasma Hatchers are renowned for their weird plastic and dubious ability for paint to stick. So I tried to 'key' it a little bit with an overspray of clear gloss varnish I had knocking around, with hindsight good old frosty Purity Seal would have done the job too!. Anyway, letting the varnish drops fall on the plastic gave a slightly more uneven surface. No guarantee whether the paint will be more durable but it was worth a shot. 

Learning from the Bastion I went straight for the base, all the drybrushing risks any paint on the model, which is applied with greater control so it gets it out of the way before I do anything else.

Also the future red bits were washed with Badab Black/Dark Tone

Then on goes the docrafts Artiste Bahama Blue and Latte craft acrylics. Funnily enough I originally bought the Latte as a Vallejo Bonewhite substitute way back when specifically for these Spore Pods. 

I was mindful of the size of them and didn't want to waste expensive paint on something that was eventually going to be washed twice and have two sets of highlights so the base coat at least could be cheap as chips. Once again this paint is quite rough, with a chalky feel. It may not be durable but will add a nice key for the other paints to stick too [hopefully].

 Gryphone Sepia/Soft Tone wash.

Love how I can just nip out and pick a pot of this up, 5 minute walk from work and it's cheap and does not screw up my model like that abomination I will not name!

Devlan Mud/Strong Tone next.

Mycetic Spore V2.0 Plasma Hatcher | part 1. | 

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