Thursday 8 August 2013

Space Marine Rumours...

...I have none, it seems like I'm the only one. Still I've seen the new models on other, more informed blogs and I'll be more interested to see how they 'retcon' their existence into the 40k universe than their actual rules. Afterall, I'll be playing Dark Angels which is looking more like a true 'Codex Astartes army list', now those new models have hit.

I think this is primarily a business decision by GW, new models needed to be made otherwise folk would just be getting the Codex and running what they've already got. Still, lets just hope Robin Cruddace has done the most important 40k Codex justice...?!


  1. I'm no Codex Author expert, but considering the issues I've had with his Tyranids codex, I'm curious if he's done a better job here.

    1. Well we'll just have to see, although as a totally pointless blog post it's surprising how many hits this received. It was an interesting exercise.