Monday 5 August 2013

Battle Brothers - Best Army nominations and other pictorial goodness

Y'know how in the past I would separate out all the pictures I took at Warhammer World into a couple of posts, well what if I was just to forego all of that and put them all in one. Would that be nice, or annoying? Let me know, please. First up one of the White Dwarf Team's Wraith Knight, this thin was absolutely stunning, so much detail, I think it's going to feature in next month's White Dwarf

I think this is Jes Bickham's Tau, which was allied with the above [and below] Eldar, equally stunning work.

Absolutely love the scrollwork on it's tabard/skirt/kilt!

This Ork army went on to win best army.

I've no idea what this is supposed to be.

Really like these tau Marker Lights - ingenious sue of tiddliwinks and cool colour too.

Some beautifully finished Eldar.

And these Grey Knights weren't bad either.

Some more Tau, I especially like the 'ceramic' tiles on the base that actually looked like real ceramic tiles, I've no idea how they were done though. 

Here's Dan and I, we fielded just our army list with a few extra gaunts.

Mixed them up a bit although having seen some of the other combined displays I did think it looked better to see two halves of the same army, maybe next time if I'm lucky again.

With the Magnir's Crag diorama now in the Exhibition Hall I took the opportunity to try and capture some of it's awesomeness.

Nice shots to use in the backgrounds of your own composite pics. 

Bring that Speeder down!

KABOOM! Now that's a blast.

Like the variety in those Honoured Imperium models

Winner of last years Armies on Parade. never noticed the Doom before, interesting effect drilling into the carapace like that. Also a possessed tower of some sort that actually looks a little like Tyranid terrain, worthy of inspiration at least.


Love this Vendetta.

Some cool guard

And the classic Games Day model.


  1. Nice pics, thanks for sharing (and the bat reps too). I'm going to guess the Ork thing is supposed to be a deff dread?

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