Friday 23 August 2013

'nids part 101 - Plasma Hatchers Mycetic Spore pt3

Striations on the Chitin plates go on, yeah it's getting old for me too now :(

Also the first Bonewhite highlight and these are done enough to go out in their first game.  

And somehow I managed to force myself to do second highlights on this. So tedious now, I'm getting so over doing Tyranids!

Really rough Bonewhite highlights to try and add more texture to the flat areas, I like it, it's rough and ready.

Top view, the red bits will all get the raw open wound treatment of Tamiya Red Clear X-27 so they will also be able to pass as a Vengeance Weapons battery either Punisher or Battle Cannon's conceivable from these orifices!

Fleshy bits and tentacles next, oh and mustn't forget the turquoise highlights on the Chitin dots.
Mycetic Spore V2.0 Plasma Hatcher | part 1. | part 2. | 


  1. Looking brilliant mate. You have done a really good job on these.

  2. Cheers guys, they're finished now, finally after a couple of years sat in my bitz box and they're actually giving me new and fun ways to play nids again so I'm doubly grateful for the efort put into getting them done. I wish I'd bought more now.