Monday 22 July 2013

'nids part 94 - Tyranid Bastion growth pt15.

Another '3fer'. I picked up another new bottle of paint. My Vallejo Ultramarine has lasted a good long time but I was dubious about it covering all the Chitin Plates. So I picked up a 'Docrafts - Artiste' craft acrylic.  

The Colour is Bahama Blue. In actual fact there was another colour that matched the Ultramarine colour but I decided to pick something slightly richer. Usually the sepia and Devlan Mud washes bring about the extra tone in the blue but I've noticed on larger models this can be patchy so I thought I'd hedge my bets.

Next up washes.

I had intended to paint this old skool without washes because I just don't trust Seraphim Sepia but I found out Army Painter's Soft Tone is the same as Gryphonne Sepia so I picked up a bottle from my local independent game shop - 5 minute walk from work :)

Not sure how much was used on this, perhaps about 10ml in all, there's at least 6-8ml left.

And some Army painter Dark Tone [Devlan Mud equivalent] in all the recesses and on all the plates.

The finish doesn't look great but this isn't the finish so I always reserve judgement.

It's getting there though

Yet more pics, you get the picture, not sure what's next, bonewhite or Chitin Plates - they should be fun. You recall I found the Tervigon tedious, will this feel the same?

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