Friday, 19 July 2013

Armies on Parade board, your help needed

This is a live request, I've interupted my usual schedule for a bit of advice. The original intention of my Armies on Parade board was to do a plain 2'x2'. Giving me the experiene of laying down some foam and then covering it in what I thought would be a good coating - PVA, flock and my vermillion art acylic. I was then going to use Red Oxide Primer to add some additional tones and then go about adding even more effects.

However, I cut my 2'x2' from a sheet of 5mm MDF [8 mins spent on this already Warhammer 39,999]

And I also have these sheets of 1" thick peach foam. Unfortunately the foam was originally 2" thick and my brother kindly split it but the resulting rough side, which would be the top surface, would require a bit of finishing to be in a state I would be happy with. Additionally there isn't a piece that would cover the board in one go so I'd need to add sections here and there. Quite frankly my current passion has shifted elsewhere and I just want to get this done and finished so I can move onto the other things and then crack on with the Dark Angels, I owe them.

So my new idea is to just go with the flat MDF and perhaps use that hill shape for a hill in the corner, I think I'd be comfortable just smoothing off the hill. Although I'm conditioned to think this board will be too thin, you expect at least an inch on these things but at least it will be lightweight and easy to transport - the figures are the key element for me, not really the board.

My issue is this doesn't fit with the original intent, it doesn't give me the skills should I wish to create my own Battle Board, although I've been considering just throwing the towel in on that and going for a GW Realm of Battle board as it could fit with Liam, Ben and Otty's. However I don't play at home, the eldest is no longer interested and can I justify £150+ on something that will get little use? Whereas if I made my own for around £30 plus time I can easily come to terms with that.

So what do you suggest I do?
  1. Cut my losses and get it done so I can move onto the cool stuff.
  2. Stick to my principals and put the appropriate amount of effort I planned to learn the skills just in case I make my own board.