Sunday 14 July 2013

Battle Brothers

Just back for my 'blind gaming' tournament and I was not kidnapped and sold into the white 'Dwarf' slave trade. Dan - my mystery Battle Brother was a true gent and we had an awesome three games against five other complete strangers but equally decent and fun guys to game with.

In fairness, there was only one other entry in the best Fortification category - an Aegis Defence Line so I ended up with the Monument of Legend Award.

Both Dan and I'd army also got nominated for best Army too!

But biggest surprise was that we came 2nd out of 68 pairs! We won all three games and the last one in particular was an emphatic win over Space Wolves but there was a pretty decent tit-for-tat slaughter that went on when we did an alpha strike of around 300+ points damage and gave us 3VPs which couldn't dampen the spirits of our opponents and nor should it when their rune priest managed to kill 445pts of Mosntrous Creatures with Jaws of the World Wolf and gain them 1VP in the process, only for the Doom to then Muller an entire squad. Awesome, awesome game and they'll all be reported on as soon as I can.

Oh, and here's a spoiler alert - the Facebook Gallery is here: but if you don't want to see the completed Bastion then you may want to avoid it, your choice.


  1. Congratulations Dave for a very successful gaming day at battle brothers ;) was it nid and nid? Now don't pretend this is the first time u have had a blind date ;) I'm pleased you returned with ur virginity intact ha ha ha mind u I'm not sure u haven't sold ur body to the Warhammer world events organizers the amount of times you get picked for best army !,!

    1. In actual fact I've never had a blind date. You may recall I led a very sheltered youth ;) What can I say, the event staff love me! But Dan's Army was also involved too and yes they were nids, no other options for the red headed step-child of the 40k universe.

      Luckily Dan's army has had as much attention as my own and is the inverse of my own colour scheme, near enough. He has an amazing Trygon and a converted Tervigon like my own but his regurgitates Termagants from it's Mawloc like mouth!

      I think with my three awards I may have caught up to Liam, I think he's got either 6 or 7 awards and I've got these 6 and also a winners certificate from the Southport Invasion Tyler and I went on. I'm now debating if I want some of my ashes scattered at Warhammer World, maybe added to the Finecast mix?

  2. I didn't know they had football on the other side of the pond (or rather, I did, but thought you called it baseball or some other such nonsense).

    Congrats on the win. Was your competition that Aegis Defense Line?

    1. Do you mean American Rugby in reference to my Redskins top? I watch the Superbowl. Back in the late 80's 90's we only had 4 TV Channels [just like in European Vacation] and the newest one Channel 4 had to grub around for anything to put on. Some of it was quite experimental - animations and 'alternative comedy', some of it was adult orientated which was great for teenage boys and their sports were off the wall - sumo, kabaddi and American Football.

      So me and my brother used to watch it on a Sunday and had all the helemts as stickers on our wardrobe. I chose teams I liked the helmets of - the Redskins and also Miami Dolphins, my brother chose the LA Raiders.

      Our local Army and Navy store [not army surplus, more like just a camping shop] had American football tops and coincidentally I believe they were just those three teams. So I picked one up, it must be about 23 years old now but it's great for summer as it's proper teabag mesh material. Wasn't sure how it would go down when I took it to India...

      Yes indeed the competition was the Aegis, it wasn't bad but probably a one sided affair, I gave him my vote at least, can't vote for myself.