Saturday 6 July 2013

'nids part 90 - Tyranid Bastion growth pt11.

It's two days update for the price of one, or else you'll never get this thing done. So first of all it's another load of flesh strands on the towers, with Chitin plates 3 and 4 on the larger and inner towers respectively. 

I'm also going through latex gloves at a healthy rate too. Can't stand Milliput on my hands :(

And the morning after the night before I begin again, applying the final Chitin plates to the inner towers. I suppose they do look a bit skew-whiff but nobody ever accused Tyranids of being great builders - they have no thumbs, they can't use Quad Guns give 'em a break!

The 4th larger Chitin plates are in place and I'm also really glad I went with the Spinefists, they add some extra 'official' nid texture to the whole thing however together with all the clay on the walls I'm becoming dubious I can fit 10 Termagants on the roof now :(

And the other side of the Bastion, slightly more 'plumb' for the inner tower on this side. 

How we getting along folks, are you enjoying the ride? Let me know if you're liking it and if you're going to try this yourself.
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  1. Thanks folk, don't know if you saw recently but rumour has it that GW want to do Xenos terrain they're just choosing not to because they want peoples terrain to all look consistent with one planet being fought over and invariably Imperial architecture is easiest. Well, if that's their choice then I'm happy to keep crafting away.

    This is all my own 'bloodsweatsaliva' and I get a big thrill out of making something from nothing that's totally unique, share it with you and for the effort to be appreciated, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    We're nearly at the end of the construction phase and then it's time to paint...