Wednesday 10 July 2013

'nids part 91 - Tyranid Bastion growth pt12.

The Bastion is now weaponised! All the Deathspitters are now in place.

With some left over Milliput I sculpted some fleshy muscular bits that will allow the weapon to move in it's fire arc [not for real, just pretend]. I also added some Toxin Sacs, not so much for them to be toxic mind I just wanted to add some other bits and so I can put in some different colours. If anything it may be the brain sacs that fire the weapon...?

I wanted to add an Adrenal Gland to the top of the door, it opens the sphincter obviously, its not there for any other reason )

Another emplaced weapon.

Some more fleshy musculature perhaps.

And the top view showing it's compass points as a normal Bastion would have as a fire arc, just offset.

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  1. This is the grossest and coolest bastion I have seen. Great job man.

  2. Love the additional Tyranid bits, man. This is beyond awesome - just freakin' brilliant work, and it keeps getting better all the time!