Tuesday 30 April 2013

Warhammer World Photobomb pt5. Miscellany and ToS winners

 The Last bucket load of pictures, here's the Empire general [Karl Franz?] on his War Griffon. I think this was a Golden Daemon entry.

Space Hulk Broodlord and Killa Kan.

May have repeated these Dark Vengeance shots but nevermind.

I saw these Wood Elf Eagle Riders and fell in love

Particularly the little wooden face guards. Liam preferred the Hobbit eagles but I thought these were cool.

Little hooded mask.

Green Arrow!

Gnoblars [?], I think they're cool, like something out of the muppets!

Manticore, would like some of these wings for my second Hive Tyrant.

Oh, Fenris came to Warhammer World while we were unawares.

Here's the awards, although I actually got a bit bored part way through and my award acceptance wasn't capture :(

Otty, triumphant AGAIN!

The Howling Griffon General at least won something.

Liam taking on all comers...

... and yet more accolades.

That's me in the middle, with the brown hoody with the rest of the best army nominees.

Stood next to Mat [the eventual winner] and Liam on Mat's left.

My 2 awards.

Oh yeah, here's my mate Lee, switching from Tyranids to Dark Angels and comes home with best Unforgiven player.

Overall winner - Blood Angels.

Liam gets his 4th award - best sport, alongside 7 others!

Lastly my 3 buds as we leave the GW staff canteen on Sunday night. Cheers guys!

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