Saturday 27 April 2013

Warhammer World Photobomb pt4. Dark Angel Exhibition

The Exhibition on display was the artwork for the Dark Angel Codex, lucky me. This was actually quite shocking about just how much artwork is created for a Codex. I think there's a lot more original art going into these 6th Edition dexes now which may not be immediately obvious but does justify the price ins ome ways.

The artwork is mostly A2ish in size, which when you consider these character pictures are shrunk to around A6 that's a lot of effort for something that only takes up a fraction of a page.

They also had the original Black and White versions which were presumably re-coloured in Photoshop or for all I know they may have been preliminary drawings and the artists recreated it in colour.

Again, B&W and Colour version

Massive reflections aside this picture of the Ravenwing is what I'll be using for inspiration for mine. I'vev already expressed my concern over the white wings on the Ravenwing, making them more the Magpiewing. However the darkness in these pictures makes them that much more brooding. Lets hope I can pull it off without them just looking undercoated... 

Guardians of the Covenant.

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