Monday 8 April 2013

ebay sales YOU won't regret! Liam's Tau...

My mate Liam, he of the scratch built Warhound and Warlord fame, is  having a clear out of old TAU figures on ebay NOW! He's hoping to offload these Tau so he can go out and buy NEW Tau. He apologetically described these as 'speed painted' but Liam's speed painting can be considered well above your average table-top quality but more importantly is the selection of unique and scratch built models. Check 'em out there are still five days to go.


  1. I just wanted to let you know your link to the warhound titan is broken but that warlord is nice to see again.

    that man is talented.

    1. Cheers Turiya, I've been copy/pasting that for ages and you're the first to point out was wrong. Now I just have to work out what the link was pointing to and fix every copy I've done :(

      And yes, he has mad skillZ. I've asked him for more pics to share, which should be up soon but I will try and get him to photograph even more of his massive collection.