Wednesday 3 April 2013

Throne of Skulls Mar '13 - Battle 2, Tyranids Vs Necrons

Game 2 and time to get a win just like I did in October 2012, oh, Necrons and Wraiths too!

Psychic Powers
Winged Tyrant HQTervigon CC troopTervigon Plain troopBroodlord [Adrenal]
Iron ArmIron ArmIron ArmNA Haemorrhage
HaemorrhageWarp SpeedEnfeebleEnfeeble

Doom of Malan'tai
Psychic Shriek

The low down:
  • The Relic.
  • Vanguard Strike
  • I setup first but lost the Initiative, it happens to all of us eventually.
  • Warlord Trait - Master of Offence - Furious Charge in opponents deployment zone.
  • Brian's Warlord Trait - -1 to my Reserve roll, again! :(
Brian Christie - Necrons (army list at end).

 I wasn't looking forward to meeting the Wraiths I can tell you. I'm well aware of their lethal potential so I was hoping that a good dose of Enfeeble and some heavy duty shooting from whatever I could get in range might diminish their numbers ahead of being spanked.

My Stealers were set up to try and steal the Relic and then get back behind the defence line but I wasn't going to hold my breath, especially with losing the Initiative and those 12" moving Wraiths.

My turn 1 and I make it to the Relic. I managed to Enfeeble the Wraiths nearest the Relic and took two of their number down. This may have been thanks to the Hive Tyrant but he may have targeted the Annihilation barge, I don't recall.

The remaining 3 Wraiths.

Oops, look who failed to finish 2nd turn. Once again the Hive Tyrant suffered wounds and with 3 on the clock crashed out of the sky and was killed outright - First Blood and Slay the Warlord, again!

The Trygon took 4 wounds as well.

Here comes the pain! The Wraiths get into assault but I've got some Iron Armed Tervigons who are hoping to smash face. However, I think they elected to target only the +1 plain Tervigon, who takes down one of the Wraiths in the squad of three.

So check out this 'To Wound' roll - 5 rending hits right there on the Tervigon.

Who promptly failed his remaining saves - POP!

The 15 Spawned [out] gaunts surround the two remaining Wraiths, while the CC Tervigon takes down two from the squad of five.

Followed by another two, but suffers three wounds in return.

The Grim battle unfolds.

15 Fleshborer shots and an assault was surprisingly enough to kill the last two Wraiths, yes I was surprised too!

Meanwhile the Trygon gets taken down, probably by Tesla fire from the Annihilation Barge and Night Scythes. One of the Hive Guard fails his morale check and heads back through the ruins, Synapse is a bit far away, lets hope he rallies of his own accord.

The Broodlord manages to reach the Defence Line with the Relic...

...but is shot, dropping it on my side of the line [following a 50:50 dice roll].

I bundle forward so I can surround the Relic, having dispatched the last of the Wraiths with my brutal Tervigon.

Termagants Conga line to try and get Linebreaker but stay within Synapse of the Tervigon.

While the Tervigon goes and picks up the Relic.

The termagants are shot out of Linebreaker

So I fall back, with the Doom arriving on turn 4 I use him as a life sucking buffer to prevent sneaky 'crons assaulting from the rear.

Five Termagants continue to push for Linebreaker.

Everyone repositions to better protect the Tervigon with the Relic.

"Stack 'em, pack 'em and rack 'em" The Cron air jostles for airspace and dumps a load of Immortals in my back field.

Unfortunately none of the Crons fail their Leadership for the Doom :(

The Termagants are shot off Linebreaker again

I'm guessing we know who's saving through this is!

Somebody needs 4's and above.

With 1 wound left and the Relic my Tervigon secures 3 VPs but Brian has also 3 VPs from First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker.

Brian's army list:

A really good game. A tough slog with my Termagants ably dispatching the two Wraiths I'd so feared, but a unit of five was brutal on one of my Tervigon's. Once again the Hive Tyrant lost me the game, surviving only two turns and losing his last wound after being shot out of the sky. The Trygon was also a bit of a bust. On to game 3...


  1. Just want to say that i love reading your battle reports! I have great appreciation for someone who still writes them as opposed to doing videos (which i personally do not like!)! also your army looks absolutely ace and would love a chance to get to play it some time!

    1. Thanks for the support. They take a fair bit of work and I've actually been playing a few games recently without reporting on them. There's a freedom to it for sure but there are moments where I wish I had been recording them because the action was exciting and for posterity.

      Well I'll no doubt be going to Warhammer World again some point, lets hope fate decrees we should cross swords and claws :)