Sunday 28 April 2013

Cheap figure carry cases and other storage solutions

When discussing my 'secret shame' last year I showed how to make a cheap carry case for figures. I mentioned I'd bought a bigger 24 capacity box and here it is.

The bigger holes are perfect for the slightly more bulky Ymgarl Genestealers and Hormagaunts that are ready to pounce with Talons flailing.

My smaller box is still in use.

As you can see though some of the Stealers are a bit snug in the foam.

but that's not all, I also needed something to store my various markers in and nipped to my local £1 shop and got one of these weekly pill organisers. Now they're just a little small for the triangular psychic markers - I can just about fit 3 in each. The Objective markers are also a tight fit but I'm sure if I shrink the printing by 10% in future they'll be perfect. The elastic band is holding all the separate strips in place, so they don't fall out and it also makes a handy holder for a toothpick, which is the best way to lever out any stuck markers. I did also get one of the smallest craft boxes from the range I used for the figures above. At 59p it was certainly cheaper and had bigger but fewer containers. However there was a gap between the walls separating the containers and the lid so despite organising them they would easily become mixed up. I'm pretty sure another piece of that grey foam would prevent them getting out though.

Alternatively, you can go for the individual pots, here I've used the ever handy Kinder Surprise eggs. I gifted these to each of my opponents at Throne of Skulls, complete with MKII wound markers. It's not completely a bribe for best game [it certainly didn't work in my favour] but more an advert for the blog and get people using the markers. Unlike October where I gave them out at the end I gave them to each opponent before we began and most of them immediately popped them open at the first opportunity to use them in play which justified my decision to gift them beforehand. As there so easy to make it's no skin off my nose, or yours either should you be wishing to share the goodness at your own tournament, just a thought.

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