Sunday 21 April 2013

Warhammer World Photobomb pt1. Jokaero and terrain tables

I've got at least 5 posts of additional pics I took from this last visit to Warhammer World, as the majority of my readers are from America [very popular in Alaska, big up da Ice Road Gamers] and other places outside of our green and pleasant land I don't think it's overkill as I'm sure there's little chance you'll gt to experience the GW Mecca first hand. So I trust you'll indulge me. Anyway, most of the pics will be self explanatory but some I'll add notes where appropriate and I'm sure you'll need it for the next pair - WTF?! Yep someone went Jokaero crazy, modding a Nemesis Dreadknight into a giant orange walker, together with some primate buddies.

The latest feature tables you can book and play on.

More models eye views so you can use them as backdrops to your own Photoshopping.

Spyral Prime

Kadillus Harbour

Bits of Elannors Pride, interestingly with the Tower absent, wonder if that fits with the rumours that High Elves are the next updated release and they're using it in a battle report, I guess we'll have to wait and see

Opposite view of Spyral Prime, G.O.D. I love that spiral staircase. Not just the modelling but the rust effect that stands out against the stonework.

Also the interior paintwork of the building on the left compared to the exterior stonework colours. Not enough ruins make that distinction [I'm as guilty as most]. Also the mausoleum for Matt Black is very impressive.

I love the Tau Research Station on Vigos, from the black water effects, to the oversized trees.

And these shield generators and buildings - awesome.

I had a close look and I think they're all cast resin, they certainly felt solid and substantial. I really wish they were making components like this available.

Just had a thought for some hemispherical domes, sadly without any decoration but probably of sufficient dimensions to make a decent foundation for Tau Terrain:

Only £4...


  1. Some exquisite scenery there. Thankee for the pics! I must get myself down to Nottingham again this summer.

  2. There's another four photobombs to keep you satisfied in the mean time ;)