Tuesday 23 April 2013

Warhammer World Photobomb pt2. Titans, dioramas and nostalgia

In the upstairs exhibition I went a bit snap-happy as it included plenty of Golden Daemon entries, most of which were int he last White Dwarf but you can still enjoy these shots with the added advantage of glass reflections! First up this Warhound Titan diorama. 

I love this crackle effect on the carapace.

Reaver Titan

Chaos Warhound.

Doctor Who figrues from the 80s

Dark Future cars - 'beyond the Thunderdome!'

Original Citadel miniatures packaging, even I don't recall these!

First miniature cast at the Lenton factory in 1997.

Old skool Citadel miniatures.

Old Skool Orks, we like primary colours.

Even more 'Playskool' Orks on boars.


Space Hulk Stealers nu and old [in the background].

Space Hulk Terminators



Ork villages

Now this would make a cool Orky Bastion.

Those new plague flies.

Empire Flagellants, love 'em.

Attack in the court of the Lizard King.

Armies on Parade winner

Spot the Lictor. Trygon with Crushing Claws - awesome!

Ripper with a helmet.

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  1. Oh man, those dioramas! So many memories from the old books. The Old Space Hulk diorama in the background was one of my favorites from when I would pour through that book. The lizardmen one also brings back some memories.

    Thank you for sharing!