Saturday 30 March 2013

Throne of Skulls Mar '13 - Battle 1, Tyranids Vs Space Marines/Dark Angels

First game of ToS March 2013

Psychic Powers
Winged Tyrant HQTervigon CC troopTervigon Plain troopBroodlord [Adrenal]
Warp SpeedEnfeebleWarp SpeedNA Haemorrhage
Life LeechLife LeechHaemorrhageEndurance

Doom of Malan'tai
Psychic Shriek

The low down:
  • Big Guns Never Tire (4 VPs).
  • Dawn of War
  • I lost deployment
  • Warlord Trait - 1VP for every character slain in a challenge.
Mat Garside (Stockport GW manager) - White Scar Space Marines, with Dark Angel Allies. Mat's army is wonderful representation of the White Scars. Extremely clean and detailed with scenic bases and a fantastic Khan on jetbike. Mat was also nominated for best army, so I'll share some more pics later.

So here's my setup with one objective inside the defence line and the other just in front of the termagants on the right flank 

Mat is holding one objective in the woods and the other is in the crater. He's killed three of the genestealers but I've got that Trygon who will be hoping to seize the objective in the crater and have follow up support from the Tervigon and its spawn of 9 gaunts.

The Winged Tyrant is well out of range.

More gaunts are spawned to saturate my deployment zone with scoring units.

On comes the Stormraven and his Storm Talon escort.

The other Storm Talon arrives on the right flank.

Khan and his biker squad also arrive on the right flank.

These guys are hoping to sweep my Termagants from my objective but I've plenty of firepower in my deployment zone.

Tactical squad on the left flank suffer a casualty.

The Trygon takes 3 wounds from the Storm Raven.

The Winged Tyrant ducks and dives through the sky. Evading small arms fire from the scouts in the wood, heavy fire from one of the Storm Talons but the second Storm Talon manages to draw a bead on the monstrous creature and it takes 3 wounds, then crashes out of the sky and dies from his injuries. [that's turn 2 folks, Slay the Warlord and First Blood to Mat :( ]

I Enfeeble Mat's bikers, kill two and wound the Khan

The Trygon regains a wound thanks to It Will Not Die, try doing that Catalyst!

The Tactical Squad lose another battle brother.

The Tervigon spawns more gaunts into the woods.

Another squad of bikes outflank me...

... and prefer to lay down some withering fire on the Trygon's unprotected rear who ends up on 5 wounds.

The Khan, learning the dangers of Enfeeble heads back into Mat's deployment zone.

Too many Devourers and Fleshborers eager to make soft work of Enfeebled bikers.

The Storm Raven splats a brood of Termgants which are positioned conveniently for blast templates.

The bikers assault the Trygon.

And make short work of him thanks to Hammer of Wrath.

Meanwhile Termagants spill forth from the woods to assault Mat's rear objective and I try to consolidate my objectives. Unfortunately my Broodlord fails to make it into assault with the hovering Storm Talon, even with re-rolls! He'll pay for that next turn!

Termagants assault the Tactical squad and the Tervigon captures the objective.

The Scouts reposition to assault the Termagants and the Storm Talon moves to lay waste the Stealers.

Khan does a dirty dive for my back field, line breaker and maybe contest my objective.

The Termagants die for only two marines.

The Tervigon is endured and Warp Speeded but suffers 3 wounds from shooting and then I make this roll for something, not sure what now but I don't think it was good.

Somehow a biker dies though so it can't all be bad.

The Doom eventually arrived but the Spore Pod was shot down and he took some wounds. The biker squad was reduced to 5.

And then bikes suffered this with I think the Librarian reduced to 1 wound.

And that's the last of the pictures. Mat flew the Storm Raven over to my Defence line Objective and contested next to my Tervigon. I was feeling a bit agitated as time was running out I was convinced the Storm Raven was Zooming so couldn't assault it with the Tervigon but afterwards my friends who were watching revealed that that was not the case and so the end result was 7-6 in Mat's favour.

With the post match discussion and the revelation that the Storm Raven sat on my objective and I could have Smashed it repeatedly with the Tervigon I realised I threw the win away on this one but I think it was my nerves that did it for me. The amount of people who were stood watching at the end was very surprising. Two great armies going head to toe. If I'd got that Storm Raven I'd have had the objective for 3 and 1 VP Heavy Support point for the vehicle. My mate Liam asked why I hadn't done that I was halfway to asking him why he didn't raise that question at the time only to remember how I had felt with my game against Dan and 'unsolicited advice'. Still we live and learn and I'll remember for next time. On to game 2.

On an unrelated note you may or may not have noticed that this post didn't arrive at the usual 12-1pm time. Currently I have a number of stories at rough draft stage, none of my battle reports are done and I have no other articles scheduled. I've also been a bit under the weather since returning from Warhammer World. Despite it being great fun I think there were a lot of nerves and unrealised pressure, added to the stress of the previous few weeks regarding my Dad and an Ofsted inspection a my son's school [of which I'm a Governor] and I've been feeling terrible all week. So I hope you will be patient with my current posting schedule. I will be getting round to each battle report as and when I can fit it in. Sorry for any inconvenience but give me a week or two and hopefully I will be able to return to the blog with renewed vigour.

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