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Wednesday 20 September 2017

eBay purchases I shouldn't regret

Iapedus at Languor Management recently did an inventory check of all the models he had to paint with the rather drastic result of entering into a 12 step programme to try and curtail his relentless hobby spending. As a self-confessed hobby addict myself I could understand his situation. Thankfully my hobby spending is rather more controlled. I'm sure we're both getting top bargains, which is part of the fun side of scouring ebay but I'm always mindful of what I already have knocking around. That said I have vision in my head of things I want to do and at times that requires a purchase to then turn that fantasy into a reality.

Anyway, when I was commenting on his blog I was eagerly eyeing up a few Buy It Nows that would get me the parts for a 'Crayon' Whirlwind, a Land Speeder and a Sentinel all for around £24! But then I saw this auction for the Whirlwind, plus original Rogue Trader Rhino. The result being I was able to snap it up for £6.10, [plus £2.90 postage]. A couple of quid more than the Buy It Now, but with a legacy 'relic' tank to go with it! I must explain the two elements to this - number 1 as I have Rogue Trader tanks I feel aesthetically bound to continue with those, which is a shame as I really like the new Rhino model. Secondly this Whirlwind variant has always appealed to me, not for the relatively silly crayon rockets but the marine in the turret that echoes the Land Speeder Vengeance gunner. For this reason I've been
hungering for this model for quite a while, which again is a shame as I like the current Whirlwind to. But, for £9 that's not a bad deal and again I got the adrenal kick of a real auction, sniping in the last minute.

I then followed up with another purchase. Sentinels for my Genestealer Cult, I love the concept and aesthetic of the these. Two with flamers and close combat chainsaws. Sadly missing weapons on one and their canopies but I can live with that. Final auction price £15.10 [plus £2.90 postage]. Again a pretty good bargain at 40% off. The missing weapons are unfortunate but I'll pick them up at some point.

However, the purchases have made me think, in much the same way Iapedus tool stock. I have plenty of models now and I will therefore not be getting any more for the foreseeable future. My To Do List has me covered so new models are just going to be sat waiting to paint and I want to keep my spends down too.

That said there are a number of exceptions. I have some Amazon Vouchers, which would allow me to pick up some more Acolytes. This would give me plenty of options for my second set of Deathwatch Cultists - making them far more intersting and divers compare with the standard set I already have. Additionally I have £40 of vouchers for Wargames. I've earmarked that for the Tyranid Codex, rumoured for October/November. In addition I'll be ordering a box of Empire Flagellants. I've always loved them from back when they were only available in metal. I loved their rules and figures and the plastic ones look fantastic. I'm planning to convert them into my Genestealer cult so I have even more random diversity - a heady mix of [chaos] cultists, mine-worker cultists, fanatic cultists and maybe even some Guard Cultists one day - to illustrate how the cult infiltrated all manner of Ferron society.

In the mean time it looks like I have a lot on my palette...

Wednesday 12 July 2017

eBay purchases I shouldn't regret

It's a dangerous thing to trawl eBay the day after pay day but in fairness I don't think I've gone too overboard. I managed to pick up this bike and bits for two attack bikes for just £5.99! I'm thinking they might look cool on some Dark Vengeance bikes although I can't decide, given the DV bikes are leaning to one side, if I should re-pose the bikes or have the side cars cocked in the air like a puppy fit to burst :) Still, I'll need to get the DV bikes first but I thought this was too good a deal to pass up, the banner, extra rider and clear base just bonuses.

I then went looking for Tyranid bits. I had a plan in my head to convert some monstrous Deathspitters and some extra Scything Talons magnetised for bare-bones Screamer Killer Carnifex. I came across this auction for 'Warhammer 40k bits Tyranid bitz joblot Metal Broodlord' which had Deathspitters - check

Scything Talons - check.

Various Termagant weapons, meh, OK, whatever.

And then these...

I suppose this must be the Broodlord then? A metal Hive Tyrant. Now the interesting thing is, I have a sets of plastic Hive Tyrant legs and extras not used when I made my Flyrant and another sprue the same from another bits purchase. Essentially I had everything to make a Tyrant and this auction was at 99p with one bidder and 20 hours to go. OK we all know that was going to change and it did. My winning bid was £10.51 with £4 postage, which I still think is good value and I got the added adrenaline rush from the auction closing. Sure I'd always imagined I'd get a 'start collecting' box to fill out my 3rd Tyrant slot and remaing Gargoyles but as we no longer have that formation theeres no point. Also three Tyrants is less of desire with more unit options available but this on it's own I think is worth £14, thanks to the bits already in my collection.

But also a couple of plastic Termagants, plus two original metal gaunts. 4 Hormagaunts and some Hive Nodes [always useful]there were even some Carnifex heads, a carapace and Crushing Claws!

A load of carapace armour pieces, Flesh Hooks and six Rippers and whatever that metal thing is in the middle [ironically some Zoanthrope back vents that would fit the ones missing on my second Zoie!].

Plus extra Deathspitters to add to my conversion plans. Spinefists - I couldn't give a F*#~ about pistols zero use to me, they'll join the rest of them - perhaps I should just make a reclamation pit with them in ;)

And the final bonus in thiss haul - Genestealer heads and look at all those feeder tendril heads! I could sell those individually at £2-£2.50 each. But with 4 of them I'll put together a Brood that matches the one I already have and then swap it out for a brood of their own.

So a little over £20 for a lot of bits that actually is worth far more than it initially seems.

Thursday 12 May 2016

The bad thing... ebay purchases I won't regret

When we left it last I'd traded one of the very first models that formed part of my son's army, that I since 'appropriated' [look, I let him live in my house I donlt owe him anything!]. I knew that Otty was just a little uncomfortable to take something that was painted, he'd said that these Broodlords were seeling for quite a bit on ebay, hence why he'd asked me to trade, so I took it as a challenge.

I managed to see this lot at auction and put in a bid for £5.10 [with £4 postage]. I honestly though I'd missed out becuase even when you;re a winner it asks you if you want to  make a higher bid and at first glance I'd assumed I'd lost and moved onto looking at something else by the same seller. The fact was I'd won, so I can swap this Broodlord for the one I already gave Otty and I've also got 14 Genestealers... yay!? Oh crap, add that to the 31 I'm painting the 50+ cultists and my eventual plan to get the complete set of Space Hulk ones... too many Stealers. I did think to sell them but they're already shadow-washed in my colours! We'll see what happens.

Anyway, the other lot I was looking as was a double sized Citadel case, just with no foam inserts. I was only interested in it because there was a couple of minutes to go and it was only at a tenner.

The foam isn;t an issue as I'll eventually be getting different foam sizes to try to accommodate some of my weirder shaped models and this was going to be perfect. Postage was £6 but if I got the Stealers combined postage would be awesome :) then I thought I'd missed the Stealers :( then I was notified just as this was closing I'd got them :) I put my bid in and got it for £10.50!

I contacted the seller to see about combined postage and the next day he'd slashed the Stealer postage so it was going to cost me just £6 delivery with a grand total of £21.60! That's pretty cool, he didn't have to do that [although that's what I would have done]. I'll be sure to write him a glowing review.

Eight Genestealers new are £15 from Element Games so I consider this a pretty cool bargain. However, how on earth do I explain this to the wife? This is coming in the post and I can't explain it away like Renegade - 'it's not mine, half is Liam's and half is some guy's in Australia! 'Sure it is husband dear...'

Hopefully I can re-jig stuff in the Mancave to accommodate this...

Thursday 18 June 2015

ebay sales you won't regret

My multi-award winning painter and friend Liam at bluewarpstudios has a slew of new auctions on ebay. He's decided to really test our friendship by getting a Knight army so has to clear the decks of old models to make way for new.

I'm a little sad to see some of the super heavies go from our Apocalypse WOW! battle and there's both his scratchbuilt 'stubby' pattern Caestus Assault Rams but there may well be something here to interest you so hit up his blog to see what's on offer:

Friday 13 March 2015

Not quite ebay sales you won't regret

OK folks, what I have here is that my nephew is getting out of 40k. The one that inspired my own son to dip into the muddy waters of Games Workshop and so helped me fall off the wagon! He's got quite a lot of stuff, some still on sprues and some painted as only a 10 year old can. I thought I'd offer them up first to readers before I go through ebay. Ideally I'm after selling each of the factions [Space Marine, Tau, Orks, and a few Lizardmen] in whole lots.

So what I've done is look at the GW retail price for the full value, then looked at 3rd party/ebay equivalents for what you'd pay discount [or estimated with a *] and then I'll shave off a good percentage more so you're getting a bargain. I'll even include the cost of postage in these prices!

Ultimately though these are his miniatures and he's selling up to pump more into his PS4 habit so I'm trying to get a decent return for him but I accept some are built and painted badly but they can be stripped easily. Have a look what there is, oh and the foam trays won't be included as I'm buying the two carry cases off him:

Most of the marines as a group, separate images to follow

Decals included, some Space Wolves too.

Space Marines GW 3rd
Venerable Dreadnought
AoBR Dreadnought
Terminator Chaplain (Metal)
AoBR Tactical Squad
AoBR Commander
AoBR terminator Squad (5 men)
Scout Squad (5 men)
Assault Squad (5 men)
Command Squad (5 men)
Terminator Squad (5 men)
Predator Tank
Razorback (mint in box)
Attack Bike
Techmarine and 4 Servitors (finecast)

So a discount price of £206, but I'm looking for £150, less than half it's retail value!

Close up pictures of the above tray...

Two broken rotors, no rotors and two broken rotors. These Deffkoptas fly by luck alone!
Orks GW 3rd
36 x Ork Boyz [some AoBR]
5 x Ork Kommandos [metal]
1 x AoBR Ork Warboss
9 x Ork Mobs with Big Shootas/Lootas
9 x Ork Big Nobz
3 x AoBR Deffkoptas [broken or missing rotors]
3 x Killa Kans
1 Ork Trukk

Again I'm looking for less than half retail at £100.

These Kroot images may be a bit mixed up but check the table for what's on offer.

Tau GW 3rd
28 x Kroot [12 unpainted + 16 on sprue]
36 x Fire Warriors
3 x X25 Stealth Suits
1 x XV8 Battlesuit
8 x Drones
1 x Devilfish [Mint in box]
1 x Devilfish [built and painted, badly]

Once again, £90 all in, way less than half retail and £50 off the discount options

I've also got a box of Warhammer Lizardmen Saurus Warriors. These are practically mint in box so I'm after £15, including postage which is the same as you'd pay from Wayland, but you'd have to add postage on top.

So if you're interested drop me a comment below. No doubt I'll get comments for just bits instead of the four lots, in which case I will consider these options with a smaller saving on the 3rd party retail price, i.e. a Devilfish for £15 but the multiple postage will be a pain, hence why I'm trying to sell in bulk and just get them sold and out of my house.