Friday 18 May 2012

'nids part 38 - The ebay goodness just keeps on giving

With the Warrior/Hive Guard conversion frenzy and the five new Termagants I forgot to show off the second reason I bought my bitz pack [after the Hive Node objective markers] Ymgarl Genestealers. OK there's none of the Tendril faces but the extra carapace armour and Scything Talons should differentiate them or at least when the armour is blue you'll definitely see a difference.

Of course one issue is I only have 4, but perhaps another bitz purchase should solve that issue and who knows what else I'll benefit from because of it?

Don't forget my  Ymgarl Genestealers. Mutation counters


  1. I may have to start hitting up ebay for new models you seem to have done very well for your self out of that purchase.

  2. ebay first all the time with me. You never know what bargain you're going to get and I do get a quickening of my heart rate as an auction ticks down. I'm not a last second sniper but certainly last 30 seconds ;) and will it be beat. I also love making that max bid judgement and whether I can predict someone has bid a nice round number an all I need to do is bid £3.01 and I beat their £3.00 It makes me giggle.