Wednesday 16 May 2012

'nids part 37 - Devilgaunts

My Devgaunts continue apace. Purchasde from my gaming and car sharing buddy Mark they've had all the washes and the chitin highlights done.

I love devourers, they work out expensive at 5pts a piece but a unit of 10 with 30 shots sure does focus folks attention elsewhere.

They make nice formations too.

Next up is the Toxin sacs, 2nd highlights, Bonewhite and claws.

As with the Broodlord, instant update! Originally I was neat with the Toxin Sacs, Dark Angel green only going in the  exposed part of the sac with the liver fleshy bits still showing but then as I put more highlights on  I thought 'sod it' lets have them all 'glowy' or implying the toxicity of the sacs suffuse both the fleshy bits as well as the orb glands that produce the poisons.

and I love 'em, hence why I used the green on the Broodlord. The colour fits in really well with my existing scheme and also allows me that opportunity to separate out units should I choose to field 2 squads of 10.

Poisened Toxin Sacs - yummy!

Claw highlights, Boenwhite and bases still to do.

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