Thursday 10 May 2012

'nids part 36 - Nu Broodlord

Amongst all the Hive Guard shenanigans I've still been working on the Broodlord [not to mention Devgaunts, five extra Termagants, Hive Node objectives and even a Spore Mine].

This Broodlord has had his Bonewhite and Ultramarine base, the liver coloured soft tissue bits and then the sepia and Devlan Mud wash. The first set of Chitin highlights are in place and it's going smoothly.

Back view, "why? WHY? WHY?"

And the left side view.

Here's a quick update, all the claws are 'blacked', the Chitin has had it's second highlight and his tongue has been painted green.

Again the green is something that looks cool, maybe cooler than the pink tongues. If I'm using a second Broodlord it will be with my Toxin Stealers anyway so the green tongue helps differentiate the Toxin brood from the Adrenals.

Next up, Bonewhite highlights, claw highlights and the base.


  1. I really want to take a scout off of the Landspeeder Storm to make it look like he is kicking my Broodlord in the Hive-nads.

    Your's is looking good with the highlights, but he is such a goofy sculpt. I, also, miss using him as an HQ from the last codex.

  2. I think I've gotten use to the pose, but you're right it is odd and it looks more so with two of them in exactly the same pose. The alternative is the Space Hulk Broodlord which is usually really expensive and awesome but its attached base wouldn't fit my style of basing and the fact it does look like a proper pimped Genestealer makes this look like just WTF?