Tuesday 22 May 2012

Gaming with my Son - Nids Vs Eldar 500pts

I think this is the first time we've played:
  • on our new table 
  • with the new Ferron Proxima battlemat
  • with my son playing his Eldar
  • with the Ferron Fire Firs
  • with the DoW Plasma Generator
So 500pts, I took the BS/RC Prime, a load of Hormagaunts, Devgaunts, Biovore and Genestealers. I didn't take a Tervigon as I though it'd be a nightmare for him. He took a load of Guardians with a Bright Lance support weapon, Swooping Hawks, a Farseer as HQ and 3 Guardian Jetbikes. Here's the start with 3 objectives.

The Guardians take cover in the Ferron Bindweed.

The Tyranids hold the high ground next to the Plasma Generator.

The main swarm is driven to secure the Hive Node objective in the centre of the board.

Under the psychic control of the Prime the Hormagaunts leap forwards intent on securing the Hive Node.

As the alien menace bounds forwards the Eldar move out of the bindweed and take aim at the Prime who had not decided to 'join' the Hormagaunt brood. They manage to take a couple of wounds off him at which point I realise he is my only Synapse Creature on the board so I make a note to join him to the unit next turn IF he survives!

The Diving Eagles swoop out of the sky the Exarch's Sun Rifle a bright light of death amongst the Tyranids.

The jetbikes fly in from the flank the second objective is in the copse of Ferron Fire Firs to their right.

The Hormagaunts keep moving forwards, using the hill as cover, the Prime joins their brood hoping to use them as a meat shield.

The Devgaunts have taken cover in the coffee plaza ruins where the third hive node objective resides.

Teh Diving Eagles continue to blast away with their Sun Rifle and other weapons, taking a heavy toll on the Hormagaunts.

The Guardians press forwards, a stray spore mine floating aimlessly about the battlefield.

The Farseer strides toward the objective in brave defiance of the encroaching horde, while the jetbikes scream forwards to add support.

The Hormagaunts charge the Farseer, their Scything Talons proving too much for the Eldar mage [he didn't see that coming]

The Devgaunts move forwards to both hold the objective and hopefully add fire support against the Diving Eagles.

The Hormagaunts consolidated towards the Eagles who in turn charged them in their turn.

The Guardians spread out to add maximum fire support but stay out of charge range. The Jetbike heads back to the second objective.

The Guardians continue to rain shurikens into the Tyranids and hopefully thin the swarm.

The Jetbike, having narrowly weaved through the dense Fire Firs suddenly spots the arrival of nine Genestealers.

They charge into the copse, and despite the dense foliage they tear the Jetbike to shreds with their rending claws.


The Hormagaunts are completely decimated by shuriken fire, so the Devgaunts stretch their brood to try and capture both objectives 

With the prime hidden by cover he wills the brood to form a chain bridging the gap between node points

With the Devgaunts out of range the Guardians target the Prime, taking cover behind the trees.

But their storm of shurikens shreds foliage and Tyranid flesh alike as the remove the last of the Primes wounds leaving the central objective unsecured.

With the objective free the Guardians move forwards both to capture it and to get a bet firing angle on the remaining Devgaunts.

The Devgaunts skulk back towards the Hive Node


Meanwhile the Genestealers secure the other objective

The aerial view from the Eldar Craft Ship

The Synapse view from the Tyranid Kraken Hive Vessel.

It was a good game, I helped him a bit, particularly with arranging his Guardians to maximise his shooting. He overestimated his Farseer's ability but he was committed before it was too late and there was just no way he could survive the Hormaguants and Prime, but if he'd have taken that one wound off in combat...

With another couple of turns his volleys of shuriken fire could have dislodged the Devgaunts, and eventually the stealers but the end result was a 2:1 victory for me. My lesson was always remember how many Synapse Creatures you're using and protect them!


  1. that was a really good read the captions told the story well and were to the point and the pictures in the end caped it off nicely i love the use of the templates in the last two :)

  2. Thanks Turiya, it goes on a bit I'm pleased you got through it. My Son came up with the Template effect I'll let him know you liked it, that's all we'll see from now on though ;)