Thursday 24 May 2012

GW Manchester Eldar

I've mentioned in the past the awesome Eldar army in the Manchester GW. They did a feature of it in What's New Today once but I can't find the actual link. I had opportunity to nip in a while back and take some snaps. The pics in no way do justice to the quality and creativity of the painting but maybe go some way encouraging you to check them out if you ever get chance.

First up some rather fetching brown Howling Banshees:

Then some Dark Reapers, the OSL on the missile launchers is quite cool.

Some very turquoise Swooping Hawks. This utilises the semi-metallic technique used in the entire army. Every colour has been mixed with a metallic paint or medium so they all have a pearlescent effect that is subtle and definitely other-worldly.

The Wraithlord is more representative of the majority of the Craftworld colour scheme. This subtle grey metallic effect washed with a sepia for the shadows and a pale metallic lilac for all the markings. Also of note is the green glow effect on the head, this is on all the Wraithguard too, as if some psychic glows is suffusing through the wraithbone construction. A lovely effect.

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