Monday 28 May 2012

To done! - Deathwing

When I first started painting Citadel Miniatures I got a bundle of Dwarves on slotta bases and with shields that you could position onto a lump on their forearm thus making a shield boss. At the time I painted the shields all the same, a 'silver' [white is called silver in heraldic terms, or so a White Dwarf article once told me] field, quartered with scarlet. Essentially it's your captains heraldry below, or the far right Terminator.

Originally I'd left these at the Mechrite Red stage. I wasn't convinced so added a little bit of highlighting. I'm still not 100% convinced but with pretty much all of my Dark Angels I think I'm thinking too much which is essentially getting in the way of doing, but you all gathered that already.

The captain is done, I've never been great with eyes but he'll do. I marvel sometimes at how much detail some folk get out of this model I feel mins is a little bit hamfisted. The Agmetic Eye for instance is such a big 'blob' compared to some of the super detailed lenses I've seen elsewhere. I'm not 100% convinced about his leather kilt thing. The green isn't too great but anymore highlighting would have looked odd I think.

I like the sword, the colours tie in with the base and the rest of the miniature. I do however thinkit's one of those things you do that straddles coolness and sloppy painting at the same time. I can clearly see where brush stokes are 'accidental' in their effect but I flip between admiring and despairing of it so best not to continue dwelling on it. One issue does still stand, the solitary gem in the Captains Crux Terminatus... do I leave it as or add a little brass mount and a coloured stone?


I like the heraldry, I love the reconnection with my past, I'm not 100% happy with execution but happy enough. There's plenty of elements I'm ecstatic about but as a whole I'm not entirely sure they're as cohesive as they could have been. Once again it makes me think that perhaps I would have been better off doing a compeletly new chapter instead od pursuing one I had so much 'history' with. Black Templars perhaps or even Blood Angels...

But I am happy with the Ferron Crux Terminatus. It was definitely the right choice and at least from this angle they look like a solid cohesive unit.

And lets not forget the freehand Deathwing badges. Nor the first attempt at OSL lenses, which wasn't too shabby if perhaps scientifically backwards. The battle damage, which I applied in just a few places, which is OK and where it's not I just toned it down. The verdigris and bronze effects - lots of little lessons, which is perhaps why I do get that disharmonious feel to it.

So overall I think this is done. The mechrite red has gone on the base and I'm awaiting an order of Purity Seal to varnish them...

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  1. Nice work. I like the bronze chest eagles and the verdigris effect on the models. I wonder if some additional weathering on the armour would tie the elements together better?

    Ron, FTW