Thursday 24 May 2012

I've only gone and ordered a...

... Tervigon!

Whilst I await my Purity Seal and Gale Force Nine Autumn Flock order from Maelstrom Games [nearly 4 weeks since despatch and 6 weeks since purchase :( ] I only went and saw a great deal at Wayland Games for the Tervigon.

Of course you all know I made my own from a Carnifex and I suppose I would have been happy with that but the scale is so wrong that at some point I'll probably be called on it, especially if I'm playing in tournaments. So I do need the proper model, and it does give me the opportunity to field two Tervigons and that way I can always swap them around to ensure there's always accurate Line of Sight etc.

Anyway, £28.70 with a voucher code for free postage! Will I try and paint this before the Warhammer World Tournament on June 6th...? I'll have a damn good shot at it!

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